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Nailed It: Easy DIY Nail Art

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Quick and Easy DIY Nail ArtI like to get my hurrrrrr did, face did, nails did, errrrthing did. Don’t you? It’s nice to pamper yourself, but when you’re on a budget it’s not always reasonable. And if I’m being perfectly honest, some days you couldn’t pay me enough to leave my house. This is why DIY TLC is essential.

Today, we’re DIY’ing some serious nail art. I’m not particularly creative, but even I can nail down (pun intended!) some fun designs. It’s all about knowing your limits and working within them.

So let’s nail it, shall we?

I’m hilarious today. [Keep Reading]

How To Stop Biting Your Nails

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Tips on how to stop biting your nails

Here’s a nasty little fact for you; 50% of adults habitually bite their nails. Just think of how many germs and bacteria your mouth is now coming in contact with because you couldn’t resist nibbling them. Gnarly!

There are several reasons why people bite their nails. Stress and habit can trigger this nosh-fest, but a desire to fix imperfections also influences it.

When we see an imperfection on or around our nails, we get the urge to fix it. Biting off that hang nail or whittling away at your one chipped finger kickstarts this vicious cycle. [Keep Reading]

How To Get Rid of Nail Fungus Naturally

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easy recipes and tips on how to get rid of nail fungus naturally

It’s one of those beauty dilemmas that no one reeeaaaaallly wants to talk about – Onychomycosis…errr….nail fungus. And while it is actually quite common, that doesn’t mean we want it showing up under our new mani/pedis.

The up side? There is solid fix for fungas. The down side? You need to exercise some serious patience to see results.

What is this fix? And more specifically, why did you get nail fungus? [Keep Reading]

The Best Nail Hardener, DIY Style

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Before I was a beauty blogger, I was a bartender. For those 9 years, my hands were either wet, being shoved into ice, or covered in syrup-y pop. To say my nails took a serious beating is an understatement.

Naturally, being the DIY’in diva I like to think I am, I searched high and low for a recipe for the best nail hardener I could possibly make at home.

After countless hours surfing cyberland, I found one that I still use to this day. And now, I pass the awesomeness onto you. [Keep Reading]