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Tips to Get Rid Of Dry and Itchy Lips

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Tips to Get Rid Of Dry and Itchy Lips

*Guest Post by Katleen*

Remember the day you failed to brush your leather shoes with some nice polish for a few days? What happened to them? Chances are you found the all cracked up and was even painful to wear. Same is the case with your life.

Lips are one part of the body that always mesmerizes. The thing is unlike the skin covering most of the rest of the body, lips do not have melanin to protect them from sun’s rays, which cause tanning. They also have no oil glands to rejuvenate them in harsh conditions. As such, I would say it is one vulnerable area when neglected.

If you don’t pay the much-needed attention to them they become dry, chapped and in worst case – itchy. You don’t want that now do you? [Keep Reading]

My Favourite Chapped Lips Home Remedy

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Chapped Lips Home RemedyI’m a bit of a nutter when it comes to my lips. I hate the feeling that they might be drying out, so if I leave the house without my lip chap I go a little bananas. And by a little, I mean a lot.

There’s just something about that chapped, dried out, cracked lip feeling that makes me want to rip my lips off and hide inside. I know I can’t possibly be the the only one that feels that way.

In fact, V can’t function at all with her Paw Paw ointment. She’s so obsessed with it that our group of friends has taken to stealing the tube and hiding it just to see her reaction. Ever the wise owl, she now hides reserves just in case we steal it.

Though I’m usually pretty good at maintaining moisturized lips, sometimes they just dehydrate and I’m left with a chapped mess. This usually happens in the winter months, so I like to be prepared. [Keep Reading]

Doing Lip Balm the Right Way

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 *This is a guest post by Selina*

 I bet if I asked you to name your favorite lip balm, not only would you have an answer for me in less than ten seconds, you’d probably whip it out of your purse or pocket to show me.

Like a beloved movie, chosen political party or fine bottle of wine, we are devoted to our lip balm and are willing to share its finer points with anyone who will listen. If asked, we’d probably share the balm itself.

But are you using lip balm the right way? Open, apply, close. There doesn’t really seem to be much to it, does there?

Well my friends, that’s where you’re wrong. [Keep Reading]

How To Make Homemade Lip Gloss

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How to make homemade lip glossI love Pinterst. It is full of fun ideas, cool pictures, and mouth-watering recipes. It’s helped me come up with ways to decorate, give myself funky mani/pedis, choose color scheme for sites, plan my future dream house, create tapas for parties and of course, has bled hours of my life away.

As a natural procrastinator, Pinterest was probably the worst thing to have been developed. I’m sure most of you can admit to spending numerous hours clicking through other peoples boards and pins. It’s addicting.

With that being said, on one of these many pinterestingly procrastinative adventures, I stumbled across an idea on how to make homemade lip gloss that ultimately led to this post. [Keep Reading]

The Best Summer Lipstick Colors for a Perfect Pout

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The best summer lipstick colorsI wasn’t one of those little girls who liked to play with her mother’s makeup. Perhaps it was because my mom never really wore any or maybe it was because all my best friends were boys.

Though my mom didn’t dig eyeshadow and foundation, she always had a few lip shades. She would have pinks and reds, browns and neutrals, all of which suited her perfectly.

It took me nearly 25 years to start exploring lip shades the way my mother had. I always assumed that they didn’t suit my skin tone or made me look weird. I was just being crazy. [Keep Reading]

DIY Lip Gloss For A More Pashable Pout

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A quick and easy recipe for DIY lip gloss

Smackable, smoochable, kiss-worthy lips are always in style, no matter what season it is. But as the colder weather gets closer and closer, those pashable puckers may need a little extra DIY TLC.

Now I’m sure we all have that one tried and true lip gloss that we love, but does it help to really moisturize your lips? And not just moisturize them but help stave off chapping while also giving your lips a pop of gloss?

If the answer is no, well then have I got something for you ladies. [Keep Reading]

My Favorite DIY Lip Plumper With An Added Kick!

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DIY Lip PlumperHave you ever wondered why most over-the-counter lip plumpers cost so much money? I mean, what could they really be made of that they have to charge on average $5 – $10?

Ladies I got a little secret to spill about the majority of lip plumpers available today…

You can literally make them at home for a fraction of the price!

Crazy huh?? Of course there are some exceptions to the rule. For example products like LipFushion XL contain ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid, which you can’t just go down and pick up from your local supermarket.

But for the majority of products, you can get the exact same results by using this simple, at home DIY lip plumper… [Keep Reading]