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Calm Your Curls with the Best Products for Curly Hair

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The Best Products for Curly Hair

*This is a guest post by Todra*

When I decided nearly twenty years ago, to wear my curls free and wild, without the torment of chemical straighteners or daily blowouts, I was a bit of a maverick. I remember friends with curly hair, from the silky kind to the kinky kind, asking me, “What will you do with it?”

Curls have been deemed the “problem” hair a lot. I see hair products with labels that tout, “tame unruly curls.” I don’t consider my hair unruly. And I don’t need a $40 shampoo or a $150 chemical process to change it.

I’ve learned how to nourish my hair and keep it healthy with the simplest of products, most are homemade. [Keep Reading]

Our DIY Ombre Hair Step by Step Guide

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DIY Ombre Hair Step by StepThe great thing about being a chick is you’re blessed with lovely long locks of hair that you can do what you please with.

When I was in primary school I got the urge to dye my hair for the first time. My mama put it off for as long as she could, but she finally caved. Picking up my first bottle of temporary hair dye made me feel so cool. Aww, the good ol’ days!

When it came to my hair I would pretty much try anything once.

I’ve been every shade of red, black and browns, blond streaks and full blond – not my best look. By the time I got to prom I had lighter hair on top and dark layers peeking out underneath.

I’ve been long, short, permed (another mistake) and perma-straightened (an even worse mistake). [Keep Reading]

Summer Hair Tricks: 3 Ways to Trick Out Your Tresses

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3 Summer Hair Tricks

When I was a little girl I used to go crazy over my hair. It had to be perfect. I would make my babysitter fix it over and over again, until it was justttttttt right. Not much has changed since then.

When the summer heat hits and my locks get a little wild, I go into overdrive to keep them tamed down and under control. After all, no one, and I mean NO ONE looks good with frizzy hair.

For fabulously frizz-free hair all summer long, I’ve got a few summer hair care tricks up my sleeve, so listen up! [Keep Reading]

Natural Hair Conditioners for Stressed Tresses

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The best natural hair conditioners

Do you think you can live without shampoos and hair conditioners? I know that is a greasy-hair-nightmare to many women, especially those with long hair. But just imagine how generations before us lived when our favourite hair care products weren’t even a thought yet.

I cringe just thinking of it!

I recently read somewhere that soap was used on hair before, but it showed bad results that’s why some people melt the soap and add some oils. Thanks to Kasey Hebert, we now have shampoos that give our hair some tender loving care.  [Keep Reading]

DIY Hair Removal

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The best DIY hair removal tricks

Not too long ago I underwent a little surgery. Two weeks prior my doctor informed me that I was no longer allowed to shave. Oh yes, you heard that right. No shaving of the legs, underarms, bikini line; nada! Apparently shaving puts you at risk of infection which is a no-no before surgery.

I think it’s important that you know I’m not a very hairy individual.  After two weeks of no hair removal, even the best of us become as soft as a puppy’s leg. [Keep Reading]

The Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair

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10 foods for healthy hair

Hair is one of our greatest natural accessories. We can cut it, style it and color it.

Eventually, all this play takes its toll and our locks can look a little lack-lustre and frizzy.

Of course there are simple DIY hair masks and treatments we can use, but what if I told you that you could eat your way to stronger, lusher locks?

Yeah, baby! I’m giving you permission to eat to your heart’s…err…hair’s content! [Keep Reading]

DIY Hair Extensions: Yes, It’s Possible!

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How to make DIY hair extensions

One year ago nearly to the day, I decided to do something bold…and by bold, I mean stupid. I decided to cut off all my hair.

Now, most people wouldn’t think this was bold or stupid, but I am obsessed with my hair. It’s been long for as far back as I can remember, but I felt like I needed a change.

In hindsight, I wish I had bought a new t-shirt instead of chopping off my locks, but c’est la vie.

One of my close girlfriends is my hair stylist. We love getting together, trimming my hair and throwing back a bottle of vino. [Keep Reading]

Ditch the Dry Scalp with this Homemade Dry Scalp Treatment

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A quick homemade dry scalp treatment

Itching of any kind is kind of nasty. Scratching your manhood? Not sexy boys. Raking your hands across your tushy? Not attractive ladies. Clawing your hands over your scalp because it’s so damn itchy you just can’t handle it? Unacceptable.

Dry scalp is unpleasant, unattractive and downright awful, but like everything else it is totally fixable. How you may ask? Drop kicking it with a DIY, duh! [Keep Reading]

Get Tress Obsessed With These Homemade Hair Products

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Recipes for different homemade hair products

When it comes to my hair, I’m a bit of a nut. Just ask Vanessa. We’ve travelled together and even in the middle of nowhere with no one to impress, I’m straightening it, curling it, and just generally obsessed with how it looks.

It was no surprise (to her or anyone else I knew for that matter) when I decided to start using homemade hair products in a vain effort to save money.

Hairspray, gel, anti-frizz creams, shining elixirs, volumizing sprays; they all cost a small fortune.

On top of that, they are ripe with chemicals. Some of what you find in your products can be downright scary. For example Mineral Oil, a common ingredient is a derivative of crude oil. I don’t think you need much of an explanation to understand how bad that is for you.

Chlorine, isopropyl alcohol, and a whole slew of glycols are a few of the other common ingredients that we unknowingly spray on our head.

With that being said, I’m going to dish on some of my fave homemade hair products so you can stop spraying your hair with chemicals and still achieve fabulous tresses! [Keep Reading]

DIY Hair Masks To Help Tame Your Tresses This Winter

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DIY hair masks for the winter

If there is one thing I like to complain about, it’s winter.

I don’t like the cold, I don’t like the dry air, I don’t like the lack of sun, hell I don’t even like hockey…and I’m Canadian!

Yeah, I don’t like winter one bit.

Not only can it wreak havoc on our skin, making it quite dry, itchy, and flaky during the colder months, but it can also take a toll on our lovely lady locks.

From dry, brittle hair full of split ends to frizzy, static-prone tresses, our hair needs a little extra DIY TLC every now and then to keep it look its very best.

How does one do this? Pfffft DIY hair masks of course! Intrigued? Good. Keep reading. [Keep Reading]

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