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How to Get Fall Inspired Beach Waves in Your Hair

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*Guest Post by Sophia*

Summer is all about tousled, loose beach waves in your hair with plenty of texture. It’s a chic, yet low-maintenance hairstyle beloved by celebrities and stylish people everywhere. But, when the summer sun fades and the blazing heat changes to soft, fall light, it’s time to switch up your beachy mermaid locks for a more romantic look.

Before you break out the curling iron, do some post-summer maintenance on your mane. Summer’s combination of heat and humidity can leave your tresses dry and damaged. Get your hair back into tip top shape so you can try some of these chic hairstyles this fall.

Vintage Hollywood Hair

Fall is all about nostalgia, and there is nothing more nostalgic than old Hollywood glamour. Channel style icons, like Veronica Lake, for classic looks that never go out of style. Polished waves are the perfect style for special occasions, such as weddings and cozy fall dinners.

To create this iconic look, you may need to start by creating volume by blow drying with a thickening cream. The right one will depend on the natural texture of your hair.

Follow the blow dry with a deep side part, then section and curl your hair in one direction using a one-inch barrel. Set the curls with a spritz of medium strength hairspray that offers flexible hold.

This next step may seem counterintuitive after all your hard work, but you will need to brush out your curls. Brush your hair from root to tip, back brushing underneath to keep the curls from separating. Finish the look with another spritz of hairspray, and you are ready to spend a cool fall night on the town.

Modern Movement in Your Hair

The lob has been trending, for some time now, and it is easy to see why. This low-maintenance style is suitable for almost all face shapes and hair textures and keeps you looking fresh and pulled together without looking overdone. Amplify your trendy lob with tousled waves to achieve a modern alternative to casual beach waves in your hair.

A high definition style looks particularly stunning on blunt lob and bob cuts and adds appealing texture and movement. The key to keeping the look modern is to leave the ends straight and create waves in the middle.

Forget your curling iron for this look; the best tool for the job is your flat iron. Divide your hair into sections and, as you run the flat iron down the length of your hair, bend it back and forth to create kinks. Just before you reach the end of your hair, pull the flat iron down for edgy, straight ends.

Finish the style with a coat of shine spray to tame any flyway’s, and rub a little smoothing cream into the ends.

Seventies Glam Hair

As seen on the runway at fall fashion week, natural easy-going waves are one of the top fall hair trends this year. These long, natural-looking waves evoke a 1970s nostalgia that is perfect for the fall.

Natural waves can be attained without heat, which is the ideal antidote to stressed summer hair. Simply towel dry your hair until it is about 40% dry, and add a texturizing spray. French braid your hair into 3 or 4 strands, leaving out the last 3-4 inches to get a more casual look. Then, leave overnight.

When you wake up, undo the braids, flip your head upside down to create volume at the roots, and gently run your fingers through the strands to separate the waves.

Another fabulous seventies’ style, seen famously on Rose Byrne at the 2017 Met Gala, combines two trends in one. A disco-inspired look combines retro style with mixed textures to achieve a truly show-stopping style—perfect for dancing away the fall blues.

To keep the look chic, use a smoothing serum at the crown to keep it sleek but not slick, and start brushing tightly wound curls about two inches from the part to get that stark contrast in texture.

Fall Romance Hair

Fall is the season of rainy, windswept days and dramatic hairstyles. Get swept away with a simple, chic blow-out that gives your hair movement without defined curls.

Use a large, round brush to angle your hair away from your hairline as you dry it. Complete the look using a curling iron to gently define the curls. Twist some strands back from your face and pin in place for added sweetness to your style.

To look like you have been cozying up inside on a blustery fall day, go for a stylish version of bed hair. Your bed head look shouldn’t appear completely disheveled, just long, loose, and carefree.

Spray damp hair with a texturizing spray, then blast with a diffuser for maximum volume. The key to attaining the disheveled look is not to curl every strand of hair. Select a few sections of hair, curling them haphazardly with a large barrelled iron.

Shake, and then stretch the curls to blend them with the uncurled hair, and finish with styling cream to hold the shape.

Playful Textured Hair

Braids are popping up on the runway this fall. While the sculpted, serpentine braids gracing fashion weeks all over the world are wonderful for occasion wear, fall’s romantic tone demands something softer and more wearable every day.

Crown braids are an enchanting style that looks complex but is easy to achieve. Simply divide your hair down the middle (no need to be too neat about it), and braid each section at the nape of your neck. Bring each braid around to the front and secure with a few pins. Loosen some of the sections of the braid for a messier, more romantic look. Make sure to leave a few wavy, wispy strands out of the braid for an ethereal look to complement the fall atmosphere.

For a more high-fashion statement style that is still achievable as an everyday look, try contrasting texture braids. Divide your hair into a centre part and braid your locks on either side. Keep the braids tight and sleek on top, then tease out the ends, and set with a firm hold spray for a striking textural contrast.

Though summer beachy waves are a tried and true style, fall’s slow changes are the perfect time to experiment with some new styles for your hair. Fall’s golden colour palette also offers some amazing inspiration for some of 2017’s hottest color trends.

Try some of these gorgeous alternatives to beachy waves this fall for chic looks to complement your personal style.


About the Author: Sophia Jackson has been a resident of Buckhead for 10 years. When she’s not busy styling the hair of Atlanta’s elite at Barrons London Salon, you can find her shopping in trendy boutiques or sipping bubbly at a concert in Chastain Park.

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