How To Shave Your Bikini Line and Avoid Nasty Bumps

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Tips on how to shave your bikini line

I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than being on vacation and having those nasty little bikini bumps hanging out near my nether region.

I’m sure most, if not all of you have experienced this before. An ill-prepped bikini shave or a brazilian-wax-gone-wrong and it left you feeling red and raw.

With beach season on the horizon (hopefully….come onnnnn Canada!), I’m going to teach you how to shave your bikini line in a way that helps you avoid those annoying bumps, as well as share a few shaving and waxing tips with you so your lady parts are looking their best in those brand new bikini bottoms! [Keep Reading]

How To Make Your Own Deodorant

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learn how to make your own deodorant at home

If I’m anything it’s a self-proclaimed DIY’in diva! I just love finding new ways to ease my dependancy on store-bought products and save my dolla dolla billz…so I can then go buy myself something pretty.

I mean, come on, just because I love to DIY doesn’t mean I don’t love raiding the shops!

I digress.

Recently, I stumbled onto yet another way to not only green my beauty routine, but to save money while still doing something good for my body.

Introducing a fan-freakin-tastic quick and easy natural deo(dorant) to mask nasty smelling B.O.

I was attempting a clever rhyme there…did it work?


Moving on…

Curious to know why I make my own deodorant, and more importantly, how to make your own deodorant? Good. Keep reading. [Keep Reading]