Anti Cellulite Massage: Kneading Your Way to Cellulite-Free Skin

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Anti cellulite massage techniques

Have you ever been to a true Italian pizzeria and watched the chef prepare their dough?

With a labour of love they knead, push and stretch the dough and continue to do so for at least 10 minutes. The firmer the hand, the better the result.

Oddly enough, the same rings true for massaging away cellulite.

Cellulite forms from fat build ups deep within the layering of our skin. It becomes more noticeable when our connective tissue fibres push down against it causing the blood flow to restrict, engorging the fat cells.

This is what causes that nasty dimpling effect we all loathe.

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Ditch the Dimples with a Quick and Easy Coffee Scrub for Cellulite

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A quick and easy coffee scrub for cellulite

Cellulite. It’s a common skin ailment that no one wants or likes to have, is frustratingly ugly, but luckily easy to get rid of when you add a potent DIY remedy into the mix.

Oh yes beauties,  I am here to assure you that your dimpled derrieres will stand no chance against my powerful at home remedies!

First on the docket; a simple coffee scrub for cellulite that only requires 3 easy-to-find ingredients.

So are you ready to ditch those dimples? [Keep Reading]

Home Remedies for Cellulite: Some Sage Advice…Literally

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Potent home remedies for cellulite

Let me paint a little picture for you…

The lights are on low.

The music is pumping. My song of choice “Shake it Out” by that fiery minx Florence and the Machine.

Fresh out of the shower and getting ready to kick off my day.

Oops! Towel dropped.


No one’s home. It’s okay. Time for a little dance party! [Keep Reading]

How To Get Rid of Cellulite Fast and Naturally

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Tip on how to get rid of cellulite fast and naturally

A few weeks back I made the mistake of prancing around my room post-shower, rocking out to Beyonce and shakin’ my booty when I stopped to examine myself in the mirror…as we ladies tend to do.

While that all sounds normal (at least, I hope it does) it was the microscopic skin examination I got into that really freaked me out.

Of course I saw the regular blotches, bruises, and cellulite dimples but this time, it looked like my cellulite had gotten worse. Not only did I cringe but I got dressed immediately so I didn’t have to stare at it any longer! [Keep Reading]

How To Massage Cellulite Away

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I’m just gonna get straight into it today because I have a tiny rant and then a hugely awesome DIY trick for ma ladies.

A few weeks back I was hmm’ing and haw’ing over this cute bikini (I’m prepping early for my winter vaycay away!) I was trying one at one of my favourite shops. I loved (most of) it from the front but when I turned around, all I could see was cellulite.

Now I’ve told myself that maaaybe the fluorescent lighting had something to do with the atrocity at which I was staring at, but all in all I needed to do something about it.

Naturally, I hit the big G and started searching for any DIY tips on how to get rid of cellulite and found this one method that is not only free but feels good too! [Keep Reading]

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