A Few of My Beauty Blogging Favourites

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A list of my favourite beauty bloggers

Part of my beauty blogging duties involves me reading a lot of content. And I mean A LOT of content! Luckily, it’s something I enjoy so it doesn’t really feel like work.

All that time I spend researching, perusing and procrastinating gives me the opportunity to see some really amazing posts and articles. Since these awesome tidbits don’t always pertain to my task at hand, I find that they get passed over when they should really be shared.

Like that last bit of vegan lemon cheesecake *drool*, these amazing articles shouldn’t go to waste.

So, starting today I shall be spreading the love and passing a few of my faves along to you beauties. From the crazy and zany, the A-ha! moments and No Ways! to the THIS IS FAB; I’ll be sharing it all.

To kick this off, let’s talk Tips – as in the Top 5 Skincare Tips for this Week. [Keep Reading]

How To Conceal Acne, The Right Way

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Tips on how to conceal acne

I hate acne as much as I hate long lines, whistling and non-all-you-can-eat sushi places. If you know me, you know this means I hate it A LOT!

I always found that the worst part about major acne breakouts was how difficult it was to conceal them without looking flaky, cake-faced and two-toned.

I know you are picturing exactly what I’m talking about. When girls choose the wrong shade of concealer and forgot to cover their neck (which is a total fail) and when they top it off with too much powder, they’re only drawing more attention to the problem area.

There is indeed a stealthier way to tackle both issues. After all, you can’t Photoshop your face in real life so we might as well do the best we can with the tools we’re given.

With that being said, let’s all learn how to conceal acne the right way so we don’t end up looking a fright the next time we breakout. [Keep Reading]

NARS Illuminator Review

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NARS  Illuminator review

Lately I’ve been digging the different colors of NARS Illuminators. To be honest with you, I NEVER used to like any NARS product. They just seemed waaaaaay overpriced!

The day I changed my opinion was when I was at a girlfriends place having pre-drinks and getting ready before going out. I realized I left my makeup bag at home so I had to use my friends and she only had the NARS Illuminator, Orgasm. Well needless to say I was seriously hooked after giving it a try and now I have the whole collection.

For any girls looking for some information on this range, this is my official NARS Illuminator review. [Keep Reading]

Lauren Hutton Face Disc: Harnessing Your Inner Model

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Another day another beauty secret, right?

It seems like everywhere you look there is a new, hot, age defying beauty secret hitting the market, but how do you tell which ones are worth your hard earned dollars?

We were recently told about this new make up line from Lauren Hutton. You know Lauren Hutton, famous movie star, never seems to actually look her age. Yeah, her.

From what we had heard, her make up line was a game changer. So naturally, I put our team on the job to do a little beauty research, read some of the Lauren Hutton face disc reviews out there, and see if this make up was really worth the money.

What we found was pretty interesting. Here’s the story: [Keep Reading]

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