5 Spring Makeup Trends for 2014

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5 Spring Makeup Trends for 2014Ohhh snap. Spring is officially only 3 and a half weeks away!

Having grown up in one of the coldest regions of Ontario, Canada, I can totally empathize with what you’re goin through right now. It’s cold, windy, your hair is getting frizzy, your skin is dry and how the hell do you expect to keep your makeup in place with so many scarfs, hats, hoodies and jackets coming in contact with them? [Keep Reading]

10 Makeup Tips Worth Knowing

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10 Makeup Tips You Must KnowGrowing up I rarely wore makeup. I didn’t seem to have the desire to try cobalt blue eyeliner like my junior high peers, nor did I feel like blowing my hard earned allowance on high priced cosmetics.

It wasn’t until I neared the end of my University career that I realized a few swipes of mascara were well worth my time and money.

Over time and after watching my friends apply their daily makeup, I came to have a few incredibly helpful makeup tips in my Ladies Night Out arsenal. Since I wish someone had shared these with me earlier, I’m going to share them with you! [Keep Reading]

PurMinerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation: Pure Coverage or Pure Crap?

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PurMinerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with SPF 15

Finding the perfect foundation can be hard. Do you go liquid, mousse, matte, mineral, powder, what?

With so many options out there it’s hard to figure out which will be best for you. But what exactly are you looking to get out of your foundation anyways? Buildable coverage, the perfect shade, a flawless finish?

I tend not to wear makeup often. This may have something to do with the fact that I work from home a lot and don’t go out much (HELP…I need to get a life!) but the fact of the matter is, I also don’t have terrible skin. [Keep Reading]

LiLash; A Permanent Solution to Falsies or a Risky Alternative?

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A review on Lilash, the eyelash enhancer

What brazen beauty doesn’t love the look of lusciously long lashes?

Having full, long lashes can really pull a look together or simply give you a bold boost. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with voluptuous lashes and have to find an alternate way to make them look fuller and longer.

From eyelash extensions, to volumizing mascaras, perms, shoddy serums and falsies, we ladies have tried it all. Personally, I do have pretty great lashes (what a dickhead thing of me to say, I know!) but from time to time I really want to make a splash and that’s when I bust out the falsies.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; my hand-eye coordination is less than admirable so if there’s a less hazardous way for me to get fuller lashes I’m all over it. This is where LiLash comes in. [Keep Reading]

NARS Illuminator Review

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NARS  Illuminator review

Lately I’ve been digging the different colors of NARS Illuminators. To be honest with you, I NEVER used to like any NARS product. They just seemed waaaaaay overpriced!

The day I changed my opinion was when I was at a girlfriends place having pre-drinks and getting ready before going out. I realized I left my makeup bag at home so I had to use my friends and she only had the NARS Illuminator, Orgasm. Well needless to say I was seriously hooked after giving it a try and now I have the whole collection.

For any girls looking for some information on this range, this is my official NARS Illuminator review. [Keep Reading]

Urban Decay Smoked Palette Review

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smokey eyes

Tell me something sista – what would you be willing pay to get the smokey eye look? At first glance it does look like a lot of work, but it honestly isn’t anywhere near as hard as it may seem. Still, so many girls seem to mess it up in some way or another.

The key in my opinion is finding the right palette and today I’m going to be reviewing what I believe to be one of the better products available – the Urban Decay Smoked Palette. [Keep Reading]

The Biggest Fall Makeup Trends

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The weather is cooler, the days shorter, and you have a solid reason to go makeup shopping! It’s Fall baby and there is a whole new set of Fall color trends that should be making their way into your closet, as well as your makeup bag.

Gone is the season of light and bright hues that make your tan pop, and in comes a season full of deeper tones and neutral colour options that look fab on skin that is slightly pale and a little more sun-deprived.

So what shades should you be stocking up on? [Keep Reading]

Idol Lash Review: Fuller, Lusher Eyelashes For The Long Term?

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Idol LashToday we’re going to review one of the more controversial products on the market today. It’s a product that claims to offer long term results in terms of the density and length of eyelashes.

It’s called Idol Lash and we’re going to break it down as best we can, so that you can properly make a decision as to whether or not it might be a product worth having in your beauty arsenal! [Keep Reading]

Dream Look Eye Lift Reviews: You MUST Check These Out Before You Buy

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Eye Lift Before And After

Notice the visible change in her right eye in the bottom photo.

This week’s guest post is written by one of our readers, Sally Hart, who has been using Dream Look Eye Lift and wanted to share her story.

Your eyes say so much about you. But droopy or saggy skin on or around your eyelids can make you look much older than you are.

I know this because I am one of those women whose skin around her eyes could use a major fix. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money or the desire to go under the knife. And up until recently I didn’t think there was any other cure.

I was poking around the internet for any sort of beauty product or cream that could help lift my eyes and bring back the fresh, youthful look I so desperately craved.

After a few hours of searching, reading blog posts, and message boards I came across some Dream Look Eye Lift reviews. I was instantly intrigued by this new tiny product.

Why I loved it

The Dream Look Eye Lift reviews explained that this product was different from any other eye product I had ever read about!

Essentially the Dream Look Eye Lift is a kit of invisible ultra thin eye strips that you wear on your eyelids but cannot be seen by anyone.

The Dream Look Eye Lift reviews also stated that the strips are hypoallergenic, made from medical grade and safe ingredients so they won’t irritate your delicate eyes.

From the moment I tried them I was hooked. My eyes looked way less tired, more alert, more open, and younger thanks to the skin on my eyelid being lifted.

On top of all of that, the strips can be worn with or without make up on, are easy to put on, and even better, painless to remove!

The final element that sealed the deal for me was the price! I like to think of myself as a smart shopper, one who looks around for the best price. Surprisingly, the best price I found for the Dream Look Eye Lift was on the company’s website!

Usually I find better deals on other merchant sites like Amazon, Walmart, or even Target but on the Dream Look Eye Lift site they were offering a double order for under $20! Compare that to the other three sites I checked out which offered a single order for the same price and my decision was made for me!

Dream Look

The downside

The only thing that I didn’t really like about this product is that it takes a while to get it perfectly fitted and in place on your eye, especially if you have drooping skin on your eyelid.

It took me a few tries and I went through a few of my strips but once I figured it out it was smooth sailing, and I haven’t had a problem with them since! Besides, when you order through the company’s website you get over 120 strips so using a few to get the proper technique is no big deal at all!

I wear them almost every day, no matter what I am doing! They make me feel younger, make my eyes look prettier, and now that I’m used to them I forget I’m even wearing them! They are that comfortable.

Thanks to the Dream Look Eye Lift reviews I found online, I have discovered my new stellar beauty technique!

The key to more youthful, open, beautiful eyes is only a couple strips away! Trust me, it is the most simple and effective solution to a younger looking appearance, and you won’t regret it for one minute!

Click Here To Go To The Official Dream Look Website

Lauren Hutton Face Disc: Harnessing Your Inner Model

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Another day another beauty secret, right?

It seems like everywhere you look there is a new, hot, age defying beauty secret hitting the market, but how do you tell which ones are worth your hard earned dollars?

We were recently told about this new make up line from Lauren Hutton. You know Lauren Hutton, famous movie star, never seems to actually look her age. Yeah, her.

From what we had heard, her make up line was a game changer. So naturally, I put our team on the job to do a little beauty research, read some of the Lauren Hutton face disc reviews out there, and see if this make up was really worth the money.

What we found was pretty interesting. Here’s the story: [Keep Reading]

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