Tips on Finding the Perfect Foundation for Your Skin Type

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Tips on Finding the Perfect Foundation for Your Skin Type

*Guest Post by Evlin*

When it comes to enhancing your beauty and style using foundation, it is very important first to know your skin type. Selecting a good foundation is a tricky process towards getting flawless-looking skin.

Surprisingly, only 15% of women pick the correct shades on their own because the color of the foundation is just a single piece of the puzzle.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect foundation for your skin type. [Keep Reading]

Hot Trends: Statement Lips and a Fresh Golden Tan

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Hot Trends Statement Lips and a Fresh Golden Tan

*Guest Post by Sophia*

Blue blood aristocracy and their pale skin tones are eras behind us, and tanned is something that seems to never go out of style. On a warm summer night, light dress on a dark smooth skin is what every woman wants.

Lately, Hollywood stars have been contributing one more thing to this near perfect look, and that is bold and dark lipstick on their luscious lips. However, pulling out that Olsen sisters’ effortless look is really not that easy.

Here are 4 tips to help you achieve the luscious look of the hottest stars statement lips : [Keep Reading]

How to Hide Dark Under Eye Circles

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How to Hide Dark Under Eye Circles

Real talk time, ladies. This morning I woke up with the WORST case of puffy, dark under eye circles. I didn’t stay up late, I wasn’t been drinking the wobbly pops, and I hadn’t gorged on naughty foods, so what gives?

It seems that regardless of how hard you try, sometimes those pesky dark under eye circles can’t be avoided. So what is a girl to do? Follow along and find out. [Keep Reading]

2014’s Hottest New Years Makeup Trends

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2014s hottest new years makeup trendsThere’s just something about New Years that makes you want to pull out all the stops, look as fabulous as possible and really wow your date.

I mean, raise your hand if you spent hours prepping, buffing and beautifying yourself? There’s waxing, shaving, exfoliating, facials, hair appointments, outfit shopping and so much more. Sure it can be overwhelming and time consuming, but it’s worth it, right!

As I’ve mentioned before, I wasn’t one for makeup growing up. I felt it was a hassle and expensive, but as the years passed I came to understand the importance and elegance of a little makeup here and there.

A big fan of the barely there look, I do make an exception for New Years, and so should you. [Keep Reading]

12 Tricks to Use Your Makeup Brush Effectively

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12 Tricks to Use Your Makeup Brush Effectively*Guest Post by Owen*

Applying makeup is a skill very few people are able to master.

Since less is more when it comes to makeup, knowing how to use a light hand can make all the difference to your face.

Begin by studying the structure of your face and your features, and learn how to highlight your good features and conceal your not-so-flattering ones. Makeup application should begin with the face because a smooth and even face requires less eye makeup and lip color. [Keep Reading]

5 Spring Makeup Trends for 2014

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5 Spring Makeup Trends for 2014Ohhh snap. Spring is officially only 3 and a half weeks away!

Having grown up in one of the coldest regions of Ontario, Canada, I can totally empathize with what you’re goin through right now. It’s cold, windy, your hair is getting frizzy, your skin is dry and how the hell do you expect to keep your makeup in place with so many scarfs, hats, hoodies and jackets coming in contact with them? [Keep Reading]

10 Makeup Tips Worth Knowing

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10 Makeup Tips You Must KnowGrowing up I rarely wore makeup. I didn’t seem to have the desire to try cobalt blue eyeliner like my junior high peers, nor did I feel like blowing my hard earned allowance on high priced cosmetics.

It wasn’t until I neared the end of my University career that I realized a few swipes of mascara were well worth my time and money.

Over time and after watching my friends apply their daily makeup, I came to have a few incredibly helpful makeup tips in my Ladies Night Out arsenal. Since I wish someone had shared these with me earlier, I’m going to share them with you! [Keep Reading]

PurMinerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation: Pure Coverage or Pure Crap?

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PurMinerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with SPF 15

Finding the perfect foundation can be hard. Do you go liquid, mousse, matte, mineral, powder, what?

With so many options out there it’s hard to figure out which will be best for you. But what exactly are you looking to get out of your foundation anyways? Buildable coverage, the perfect shade, a flawless finish?

I tend not to wear makeup often. This may have something to do with the fact that I work from home a lot and don’t go out much (HELP…I need to get a life!) but the fact of the matter is, I also don’t have terrible skin. [Keep Reading]

LiLash; A Permanent Solution to Falsies or a Risky Alternative?

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A review on Lilash, the eyelash enhancer

What brazen beauty doesn’t love the look of lusciously long lashes?

Having full, long lashes can really pull a look together or simply give you a bold boost. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with voluptuous lashes and have to find an alternate way to make them look fuller and longer.

From eyelash extensions, to volumizing mascaras, perms, shoddy serums and falsies, we ladies have tried it all. Personally, I do have pretty great lashes (what a dickhead thing of me to say, I know!) but from time to time I really want to make a splash and that’s when I bust out the falsies.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; my hand-eye coordination is less than admirable so if there’s a less hazardous way for me to get fuller lashes I’m all over it. This is where LiLash comes in. [Keep Reading]

NARS Illuminator Review

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NARS  Illuminator review

Lately I’ve been digging the different colors of NARS Illuminators. To be honest with you, I NEVER used to like any NARS product. They just seemed waaaaaay overpriced!

The day I changed my opinion was when I was at a girlfriends place having pre-drinks and getting ready before going out. I realized I left my makeup bag at home so I had to use my friends and she only had the NARS Illuminator, Orgasm. Well needless to say I was seriously hooked after giving it a try and now I have the whole collection.

For any girls looking for some information on this range, this is my official NARS Illuminator review. [Keep Reading]

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