How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair with Ease

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How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair with Ease

Within many cultures, body hair is widely accepted. It is even encouraged…ahem, France *cough cough*

In fact, there are even countries were body hair is seen as beautiful, and even viewed as sexy and sensual.

But here in the western part of the world…not so much.

How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair


As I said, here in the western world, the norm is to remove all of the unwanted body hair (which is most of the body…except for the head!).  Society and the media has trained our minds to view body hair on women as, well, gross. [Keep Reading]

Winter Haircare – Fighting the Frizzies

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Winter Haircare - Fighting the Frizzies

As seasons change, so does the way your skin and hair react. I’ve found that warmer climates suit my body better. My hair looks lush, my skin soft and supple.

In the cold, harsh winter weather…well…that’s a completely different story. My hair gets brittle and frizzy, and my skin puckers up with dehydration. It’s not pleasant.

And while I could go on and on about dry skin, we’re talking winter haircare today. [Keep Reading]

Myth Busted: Blow Drying Your Hair Damages It

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Myth Busted Blow Drying Your Hair Damages It

If you’re a rabid follower of TBB then you know I’ve been living in Asia for the better part of two years now – Thailand to be more specific.

I knew coming over here that it was going to be hot and sticky, but I didn’t really stop to consider how it would affect my skin and hair.

In my first few weeks here my skin felt parched and itchy from being so dry, and my hair….well, it didn’t quite know what to do.

The temperature was always so hot that the mere thought of blow drying my hair made me sweat – for reals! So, instead I decided to adopt air drying my hair. It’s supposed to be good for it, after all.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. [Keep Reading]

The No Poo Method: Why It’s Time to Ditch Your Shampoo

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No Poo Method

Ok, so it seems like all I’m seeing over the interwebs lately is this shampoo (or lack thereof…) phenomenon called “No Poo.”

To be honest, the first time I saw a post on my Facebook about someone sharing their ‘no poo’ story I was aghast. I mean, really people – no one needs to hear about your bathroom activity.

BUT, then I realized they were talking about shampoo….thank goodness!

You see, we’ve known for a long time that many of our fave shampoo brands are full of nasty ingredients. Chemical ingredients. Toxic ingredients.

So why the heck do we continue to use them? Is it because we didn’t realize there was a more natural shampoo alternative or because it’s just so damn easy to buy one and ignore the ramifications? [Keep Reading]

3 Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

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Growing out your hairYou’ve all likely heard me complain about my hair on this blog before.

Back in April 2012 I made the heinous mistake of drinking one too many glasses of red wine and allowing my bff stylist to chop my long locks off. [Keep Reading]

10 Ways to Fight Winter Hair Woes

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Winter Haircare* Guest Post from Aaron Gabrielse*

There’s no stopping it – you can’t run and you can’t hide. It’s coming for you and it won’t rest until its ravaging is complete.

No, I’m not talking about a serial killer or a disease. The ruthless monster I speak of is winter and its victim is your hair.

Those of us who live in dry, cold-weather climates know all too well the harmful effects that winter can have on hair. Although there’s no fighting Mother Nature and her blustery fury, there are many helpful tips that can keep locks lustrous in the winter months. [Keep Reading]

Say Goodbye To Limp Locks With the TopStyler by InStyler

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Our review on the TopStyler by InStyler

I was born with straighter than straight hair.  We’re talking don’t even need to blow dry it because it naturally dries pencil straight.

So you can probably imagine the lengths I would go to give my hair a little volume and curl. I’ve tried everything from homemade hair masks to blow outs, hot curlers to wavers, curling irons to wands. I’ve even gone old fashion and slept with my hair tied in rags overnight. While some of these options have worked pretty well, I’m always on the hunt for something newer and better.

On one of my many late night web perusals, I discovered the TopStyler by InStyler Heated Ceramic Styling Shells. There was no question; I had to give it a go! [Keep Reading]

Viviscal Review: Hair Nutrient Tablets

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Viviscal Extra StrengthFrom time to time my hair goes through a period of what seems like an extreme amount of shedding. This obviously leads to a lack of volume and overall thickness of hair.

Today I’m going to be reviewing a brand of hair nourishing tablets called Viviscal that right now is REALLY  popular. In this Viviscal review I’ll explain how it works, the results you can expect to see, plus show you some of the customer feedback so far.

I’ve heard so much about this supplement so I just HAD to look further into it and write a review. For those of you who have issues with thinning hair, you might wanna read on… [Keep Reading]

Silk’n Flash & Go Review: Girls Are Going NUTS For This Right Now

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Silk'n Flash And Go deviceToday I’m going to be taking a close look at a permanent hair removal device that is seriously being bought like crazy right now.

In this  Silk’n Flash & Go review I’m going to do a couple of things. First off explain how it works, followed by an accurate representation of the results it offers.

Too often do I see other reviews compare this device to the heavy duty machines used in hair removal clinics. Before I go any further let me clearly state, this device will NOT offer the same results as professional hair removal.


It may still give you the results YOU want. [Keep Reading]

Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste Review

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Jonathan Dirt Texturizing PasteToday I rubbed some dirt into my Fiancee’s hair!

Okay so not actual dirt, but that got your attention right? This month I’m forcing Josh to try out Jonathan ‘Dirt’ Texturizing Paste. I’d only heard good things about it and we both agreed(actually just I put my foot down) that it was about time we made a switch from his previous paste – Surf Head Extreme, which if we’re just being honest made him look a little on the shaggy side.

FYI. I’m not a fan of shaggy guys!

Now this is only the third day using the product so I can’t tell you guys what it’s going to be like in the long run. For now however, the results it offers are nothing short of amazing! It’s supposed to give that day-after-you-wash kind of look and as you’ll find out shortly, it certainly does just that.

To state the obvious, this is my(our) official Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste review. [Keep Reading]

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