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Does Triactol Work?

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TriactolIngredients | Does Triactol Work? | Before You Buy Triactol | Mel’s Story

Does Triactol WorkWe briefly touched on Triactol’s ability to increase bust size here, but we wanted to go a little more in depth about the effects this breast serum has on increasing estrogen levels, to help promote tissue growth in mammary glands.

Does Triactol Work: Cell Growth In Mammary Glands

After conducting a little research on our own, it’s fairly obvious to see that an increase in estrogen levels will promote a branch-like effect on fat cells that go directly into increasing bust size. Try to think of it like the same way a tree grows, but in this case the branches are two types of cells; epithelial and mesenchymal cells.

As they branch out, so do our breasts.

Testosterone has the opposite effect and actually reels these cellular branch inwards, intern decreasing overall bust size.

So in order to determine if Triactol does work, we need to see if the serum is able to adequately supply estrogen to our mammary glands.

The one thing we do know about Triactol is the main ingredient Mirofirm, contains one powerful phytoestrogen called Miroestrol, which mimics the exact same properties as natural estrogen. Essentially you could say it’s a kind of synthetic form of estrogen.

Although no studies have been conducted to prove its effects cellular production in mammary glands, it is likely to work the same way as natural estrogen. The key aspect we believe is the application process.

Triactol were smart in designing their product as a serum and not a cream as serums are far more effective at being absorbed into your skin. In order to ensure proper supply to the mammary glands, you MUST take the time to first have a shower to increase the diameter of your skin pores, before thoroughly massaging the serum into you breasts in a circular motion until it is FULLY absorbed.

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Triactol Ingredients

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TriactolIngredients | Does Triactol Work?Before You Buy Triactol | Mel’s Story

Pueraria MirificaAlright guuurls, here’s the official breakdown of the ingredients that make up this breast serum. Before we go any further, the official website doesn’t list all the ingredients in their formula so we’ve had to do some digging to find out what the rest are.

Right now we can only break down the one they have mentioned – Mirofirm – but once we hear back from the company that owns Triactol, we’ll list all ingredients here for you to take a look at.


We touched briefly on this ingredient here, but we wanted to go a little more in depth about it and it’s properties to give you gals a thorough breakdown of the key ingredient used in Triactol.

As we also mentioned in that earlier post, Mirofirm is an extract from a plant found in central Thailand and Southern Burma. It’s “sciency” name is Pueraria Mirifica and it contains a set of highly potent phytoestrogens that in laymens terms are compounds that help increase estrogen levels naturally in women.

Thai people have known about its potential for hundreds of years and have taken full advantage of its estrogen-improving capabilities.

After all, what’s the first thing you think of when you think Thailand?

We’ll let you decide on that one 😉

The 3 phytoestrogens found in Pueraria Mirifica are:

  1. Miroestrol
    This compound mimics the activity of natural estrogen in women.
  2. Deoxymiroestrol
    This compound is meant to be different, but we have reason to believe this is in fact Miroestrol as it contains the exact same chemical structure. Again it mimics the properties of natural estrogen found in women.
  3. Pueraria
    The only information we were able to extract from this compound is that it’s used in Chinese medicine to reduce reactions to alcohol consumption.

Essentially Mirofirm is the product of an extraction process of Miroestrol, which is the main compound said to help increase estrogen levels. Although there have been no direct studies conducted to determine the effects of Miroestrol on estrogen levels in the body, there have certainly been cases in the real world of an increase in estrogen production after applying Mirofirm directly through the skin.

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Triactol: The Top Dog In Breast Enhancement

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TriactolIngredients | Does Triactol Work?Before You Buy Triactol | Mel’s Story

TriactolGirls when it comes to wanting that little extra bust, we hear you. That’s why today we’re going to talk about one of, if not the most powerful breast enhancement cream on the market today.

It’s called Triactol and all we gotta say is there’s more to this cream than meets the eye.

Let’s break this beast down!

What Is It You Ask?

Triactol is a little different from the other traditional products on the market in that it’s a serum and not a cream. What counts most is what’s inside the serum and this is where Triactol sets itself aside from the bunch. One of the primary active ingredients used in this breast serum is a compound called Mirofirm, which is derived from the traditional Thai herb, Pueraria Mirifica.

Yeah okay but does it work?

Pueraria MirificaGood question and we’re glad you asked. Believe it or not, we actually like this enhancer and it’s due to fact they are the only ones who use Mirofirm. The overwhelming majority of creams prefer to use much weaker ingredients like Fenugreek and at the same time, heavily dilute them.

The fact that Triactol is a serum, decreases the chances of the formula being being diluted and therefore help to make it more effective on application.

Serums are also better for soaking into your skin pores as opposed to creams, mainly due to the fact they’re a lot thinner.

On the official Triactol Bust Serum site, here’s how they recommend applying their serum.

  1. Take a hot shower to help open your pores.
  2. Take 2 or 3 drops of Triactol into your hand.
  3. Massage it onto your bust in a circular motion until it’s fully absorbed.

As we mentioned this is a serum so it should absorb a lot faster than a cream so it will only take less then a minute worth of massaging before the job is completely done.

Also like most breast enhancement products, they recommend applying the serum twice daily for maximum results. We’ve spoken to a number of girls who swear they see the same results just by using it once a day so that could be a ploy by the company to get to you use up your supply faster so that you need to buy more.

In our opinion, just stick to once a day and if you don’t see the greatest of results, up it to two times a day.

Why It’s HOT!

There’s a couple of advantages Triactol’s breast serum has over its competitors, the first one we have already mentioned in that it’s a serum and not a cream, making it far more easier to absorb. The deeper the solution can be absorbed into your mammary glands, the more likely an increase in estrogen levels will occur. More on this in here.

Secondly, it’s the only product to use Mirofirm, which in our opinion is one of the more powerful estrogen boosters available. We could be wrong, but we believe Triactol may have bought the exclusive rights to this compound. If that is the case then no other product out there is able to use this in their formula.

Finally this is an all natural breast enhancement solution so you can basically count on the fact there will be no nasty side effects.

Of course this serum ain’t completely perfect.

Why It’s NOT!

There’s only really one issue with this product that we have and that is the price as it is a little high for the majority of us. In saying that, it is one of the more powerful products on the market so if you can afford it, you will most likely see better results than from other creams like Breast Advance or Breast Actives.

Beauty Beatdown!

Ladies we’re going to be honest with you, there are A LOT of breast enlargement products that do absolutely nothing, then there’s the few that maybe help girls increase one or two(very rare) cup sizes. Triactol is one of those few, but it is priced a little high. If you can afford it, then great!

Give it a shot because what’s the worst that could happen right?

Otherwise if you know you can’t afford it, don’t spend the money as there is a slightly cheaper option that we would prefer anyway. Triactol is currently ranked as our second favorite breast enhancement cream, our number 1 is a product called Naturaful. We also believe you can get the same if not similar results from this product and at a much cheaper price. Click here to read more.

Beauty Score: 92%

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Breast Advance: Let’s Break This Badboy Down!

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Breast AdvanceYep we’re reviewing breast enhancement creams this week and today we’re going to be talking about a cream that sounds nice and “sciency”, but in reality does it live up to its name?

It’s called Breast Advance and its yet another new cream to enter the market promising to increase your breast by 2 sizes in just a few short months. It’s also on our list of top breast creams for this year if you want to check that out.

Let’s see if this cream lives up to all the hype.

Let’s Break It Down

Alright what we have here is a fairly decent cream that has produced results so far. Yes that’s right we said it HAS produced results, which for a breast cream is something to be thankful for. The more you research into this industry, the more you realize how many products there are that…do…absolutely…NOTHING!

Now there’s not a lot of information on this product, however that’s probably because its very new. The one thing we do know is that it uses mostly natural ingredients, which can be a good and a bad thing.

Good, because there’s not going to be any unwanted side effects, ie. skin irritation, rashes etc.

Bad, because all natural ingredients don’t really have the best track record in terms of results.

What’s likely is this cream probably contains a similar formula to that of Breast Actives, combining the use of herbal medication such as Dong Quai, fennel and Fenugreek into one topical lotion.

One thing we do know is that the majority of breast enhancement creams on the market are copycats, meaning they literally copy the same formula of other creams doing well and maybe change one thing around so they don’t get into trouble with copyright.

We can’t be certain that’s the case with Breast Advance, but it certainly just seem a little fishy doesn’t it?

Why It’s HOT!

We’ve already mentioned this, but yet again any cream that uses all natural ingredients is alright with us. Although it’s early days, it’s clear to see with the few customer reviews there are, that this product is working for some gals.

Although there are a couple of things which were okay about this product, on the other side of the coin there’s also a lot wrong with it.

Why It’s NOT

Woooo child, there’s some things you need to know before buying this product. Firstly, what we have here is just another one of those breast creams that is overly hyped, but in terms of it’s ability to enhance breast size falls flat on it’s a**.

It’s early days so we’ll give it that one and we’re sure some girls have seen tiny amount of success like an increase in lift and firmness, but in terms of growth we’re just not fully convinced.

Beauty Beatdown!

Ladies, all we can really say is our recommendation for now is to hold off from buying this cream and wait to see what kind of results they get first. It’s a cheap product, which make us think there’s probably not a lot to it in terms of ability to increase bust size and one thing we do know is paying that little bit extra always makes the biggest difference.

Right now, we’ve ranked Breast Advance at #4 on our list of top breast enhancement creams.

Beauty Score: 88%

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Breast Actives: Nice Formula, But Does It Actually Work?

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Breast ActivesLadies, let’s keep it real. There are some days when we just don’t feel 110% happy with the way we look. We want to slim down here, amp up there, plump this, or enhance that. It’s just the way it is sometimes.

And one area we girls tend to focus on is ‘the girls’. Yep. Our breasts.

Right now breast enlargement creams are all the hype, so we decided to dedicate this week to understanding if and if they work.

The first order of business?

We’re going to review one of the more popular solutions – Breast Actives

What Is Breast Actives You May Ask?

Similar to other breast enhancement creams, Breast Actives is an all-natural approach combining the use of both a supplement and a cream. They also include in a exercise regime, but we all know that stuff is a load of bull****!

Both the supplement and cream use natural ingredients such as Dong Quai Root, Red Clover Extract, Blessed Thistle, Fennel Seed, and Pueraria Mirifica Extract amongst others. By combining all these ingredients into one formula, their claim is that it can offer to do all of the following:

– Enhance your breast size.
– Improve the shape of your breasts.
– Combat sagging
– Give a more youthful contour to each breast.

The question now is, have they come up with the miracle cure?

Well, let’s first take a look at how it’s supposed to work…

How Breast Actives Works

Inside our breasts

This formula is similar to many other organic solutions in that it’s main goal is to force your body to have a natural reaction to the ingredients that make up the formula. Basically the main goal is to increase the production of estrogen(mainly using Dong Quai), which should then theoretically result in tissue growth in the mammary gland.

The pills work exactly the same way as the cream, it’s just applied differently and our guess is that if this product does produce any results at all, it probably would have nothing to do with the pills you take.

There’s reason to believe the only form of application to have any success on breast enhancement would be directly through the skin and NOT introduced orally.

One known way of increasing the absorption of any cream is to rub it in after a hot shower when our pores are open the most.

Breast Actives suggests you only use the cream once a day but if you want to increase your usage you should make sure you speak to a medical specialist first.

Why It’s HOT!

Ladies, although we ain’t that enthusiastic about this product, there are a couple of things which we found to be okay.

Firstly the formula is nice and organic, which means no side effects whatsoever. Dong Quai is also a good addition to have in their formula as we have spoken to a lot of girls who swear this Chinese herb enabled their breasts to grow significantly.

The problem is in this cream, it’s fairly diluted so we don’t know whether it would be able to offer any noticeable increase in estrogen production.

Although the formula is well put together, there are still some major problems.

Why It’s NOT!

First of all guuuurl, let us say, “you ain’t gonna go from a B to a double D!” with this cream.

The pills are a bit of a joke really so you may as well just throw them out and use the cream only. The main problem with the cream is how diluted they have made all the important estrogen boosting ingredients like; Dong Quai, Fennel Seed and Fenugreek.

Also the inclusion of L-Tyrosine makes us laugh as a lot of male bodybuilders use this as a pre workout supplement and it contains no properties related to breast enlargement.

Ultimately a bad decision on that one..

Beauty Beatdown!

Okay we can’t bash this cream too hard as we did rank it #3 on our list of top breast creams for a reason. Truth be told, there are a lot of girls who swear by this product as being able to offer some level of enhancement.

If we were to guess, we’d assume some form of firmness may be achieved given that some of the ingredients used can be found in our favorite breast cream.

In the end, we just couldn’t rate it as the number one product based off the dilution of the ingredients in the formula and its track record of results.

Beauty Score: 90%

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22 Year Old College Student Manages To Grow One Cup Size In Just 3 Weeks Without Surgery!

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TriactolIngredients | Does Triactol Work? | Before You Buy Triactol | Mel’s Story

Before and After Mel

Actual untouched photos after just 3 weeks of treatment using Triactol

Mel, a 22 year old university student studying Law is the perfect example of a smart consumer that was able to get results in her overall bust size without running the risk of dangerous breast enlargement surgery.

Like most college students, Mel doesn’t have a lot of money to throw around on expensive plastic surgery procedures, nor can she afford to pay for expensive miracle creams to help improve her breast size. She’ll be the first to admit that she did at one stage think about taking out a loan on top of her college tuition to pay enlargement surgery, but after doing a little research, she later realized the chances of something going wrong were just a little too high to justify going under the knife. This only made Mel more determined to find a solution that was both affordable and safe at the same time.

After watching a documentary about a breakthrough in natural breast enhancement technology called Mirofirm, Mel discovered that one product alone was taking advantage of this technology and was also starting to see amazing results through various tests and studies. Not only was Mel able to able to start working on increasing her bust size, but she was also able to do it safely and naturally at the same time. Her results are comparable to what you might see after any breast enlargement surgery, except instead of going through hell all she needed to do was apply Triactol serum 2 times a day for 3 weeks.

After reading about Mel’s story on the Internet, we realized how important it was to share it with our readers, especially those girls who want to increase their bust size, but don’t want to have to go under the knife at the same time. This serum not only increased Mel’s bust size from a 34b to a 34c, but it also helped to correct her slightly augmented left breast. It changed her life and now we hope it can change yours.

The Solution

Mel was able to determine that the secret was the one important ingredient – the natural herb Pueraria Mirifica, which for hundreds of years has been used by women in Thailand to improve the firmness and size of their breasts. While conducting her research, Mel also found out that several top celebrities have been using Pueraria Mirifica for years now as a way of firming up their breasts before going on camera. One  famous beauty adviser to the stars revealed that using Triactol or any other product that contains Pueraria Mirifica is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood.

Celebrity Bust Serum

“Based off what I read, I knew that Triactol was going to work and the fact that it was so easy to apply each day, made my decision a whole lot easier to make. I honestly thought I was just doomed to have smaller breasts, which is why finding Triactol was one of the greatest things to have ever happened to me” – Mel

Mel’s Story And Her 3 week Breast Enlargement Results:

Triactol Before And After

“I have to admit, I’m one of those girls that will try anything. In the past I’ve tried out a lot of different products including St. Botanica and Purafem which all promised to offer me results. Unfortunately after given them all my best shot, I wasn’t able to see any growth whatsoever in my bust size. It was at that point that I’d pretty much given up on trying anything else, that was until I watched a documentary which talked about the breast enhancement properties associated with Pueraria Mirifica.

So what made me get started? During the time I was researching Pueraria Mirifica, I found that a lot of people in some of the biggest women’s forums were talking about this one product called Triactol, which at the time was the only breast enlargement cream using Pueraria Mirifica. The decision for me was fairly easy to make as the cost of this serum was by far a lot less then what I would have to pay to have surgery done.

The instructions mentioned that I massage a small amount onto by bust in a circular motion, twice a day, preferably after a shower.” – Mel

Day 1 Day 1
The first day using Triactol was a little strange as I noticed straight away the firming action caused by the cream when I applied it to my bust.I felt like my breast received an immediate lift and it was as though I could them beginning to grow.
Week 1 By Week 1
After the first week I had already started to notice a size improvement. I didn’t measure at this point, but just from the picture you can see that my bust size had increased somewhat.A couple of my girlfriends were starting to ask why I was wearing a pushup all the time when really I wasn’t :-)
Week 3 By Week 3
After the third week it was clear that Triactol had worked for me and I can’t tell you how excited I was when I literally couldn’t fit into my 34b bra’s anymore.That day I went out shopping with my girlfriends and had a blast trying on 34c’s while at the same time having my girls tell me how amazing I looked :-)


Okay like you, we’re a little doubtful about the effects that Triactol has on improving overall bust size, which I why we always tell everyone that the only way to tell if it will help you is to test it out on yourself.

As Mel mentioned, she tried a lot of products until she was able to find some success with Triactol. The only way for you to be able to tell if this breast serum will work on you is to try it out for yourself.

The great news about this product is it comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, and they state on their official site that if after 6 weeks of use, you see no results, they’re happy to send you back your money. Not a lot of companies offer this kind of guarantee.

Limited Time Offer For Our Readers

6 month order of TriactolGet 50% Off 6 Month Orders

For a short time only, you can pick up a 6 month order of Triactol for less than 50% of the price you would normally pay. Our recommendation would be to buy this package with a friend to help save the both of you some extra money.

Get Triactol Now

3 month order of TriactolGet 40% Off 3 Month Orders

If the 6 month option is just a little to expensive for you, the 3 month option will still allow you to save over 40% anyway so it’s still a good option. This is the most popular option right now as most women tend to see the best rest after 10-12 weeks of continued daily use.

Get Triactol Now

2 Month order of Triactol Save $70 On 2 Month Orders

If you would prefer not to go with the 2 larger orders, but instead looking for a package that will still allow you to see results, right now you can save $70 on 2 month orders of Triactol.

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1 Month TriactolSave $20 On Single Orders

Just looking to test the product out to see if it will work for you? The good news is you can still get a discount as one of our readers :-)

Get Triactol Now

As always, we’d like to hear from you now. If you have a story about your experience with Triactol(good or bad), then let everyone know via the comments form below. Or if you liked this story, please Like it, Pin it, Tweet it or Share it however which way you want and we’d be ever so grateful :-)


Naturaful: The Natural Breast Enlargement Cream That Really Works

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does naturaful work

Some women just simply aren’t happy with their breasts. They think they are too small, they don’t fit their clothes properly, and they generally wish they had bigger, fuller, more noticeable breasts.

Hell, most of the girls I know wish they could enhance their boobs in one way or another!

That’s why when one of my girlfriends mentioned a natural breast enlargement cream called Naturaful it piqued our interest, so we decided to test it out over 8 weeks to see if Naturaful really is worth your hard earned dollars.

What we found was pretty interesting and here’s the story:

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