What The Hell Are Bumpits??

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I am one of those girls who suffer with flat limp hair. No matter what style I try to do, it always just seems to fall flat.

Recently, I had my 10 year wedding anniversary coming up and wanted to really wow my husband and make him see that I still got it!

I had lost close to 25 pounds, and was looking for an excuse to get all dressed up and really knock his socks off. I wanted everything to be perfect. My outfit, my make up, and my hair.

Struggling for styles that would give me that extra va va voom to my look for the night, it suddenly dawned on me that I should finally give the Bumpit a try! You know the Bumpit. We’ve all see the late night infomercials. They looked great on the models and it seemed pretty easy, so I figured I would give it a try.

I started pricing out the best options that night. Usually I buy all my stuff online from sites like Amazon or Ebay but this time I was surprised to see that the best, and cheapest, deal was actually on the Bumpits website!

On top of that, not only was the price cheaper but the Bumpits website gave you extra hair bumpits whereas both Amazon and Ebay only offered the one package.

Now I don’t know about you but if I can get more Bumpits for my money, I’m going to order through the Bumpits website and leave Amazon and Ebay for bigger purchases.



Which one should I get?

I looked online for some a quality Bumpits review, and found so many positive comments on the versatility of the Bumpit! All of the Bumpits reviews I read stated that both of the Bumpits seemed to give great results, so I ordered both the classic Bumpits for hair as well as the Hollywood Bumpit, just to see which I liked best. It might seem like a non-budget friendly decision but  they were extremely affordable so it didn’t hurt the bank to buy both. Besides, we ladies need options!

I received my Bumpits within days and started looking for more Bumpits reviews that teach you how to do some even more original styles than the ones that come with the product.

Within a few tries I had my look for the night! I felt great, I looked even better, and I was rocking my sexy new voluminous look all thanks to this affordable and easy to use little Bumpit!

One thing you might want to consider

The one and only thing I found frustrating with this product is that it took me a good few tries to figure out how to create the perfect style I wanted. At first my hair wouldn’t stay put or hold the style and I got a little frustrated.

But once I teased my hair, used more hairspray, and found 2 bobby pins my hair was perfect!

I got so many compliments that night, even my husband couldn’t take his eyes off me and, of course, I couldn’t get enough of that!

Thanks to the Bumpits reviews I read and the Bumpit kit I ordered, I now have the tools and the skills to create styles that you would pay good money for in the salon and for much cheaper!

Click Here to check out the official site(highly recommended before you buy)

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