Myth Busted: Blow Drying Your Hair Damages It

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Myth Busted Blow Drying Your Hair Damages It

If you’re a rabid follower of TBB then you know I’ve been living in Asia for the better part of two years now – Thailand to be more specific.

I knew coming over here that it was going to be hot and sticky, but I didn’t really stop to consider how it would affect my skin and hair.

In my first few weeks here my skin felt parched and itchy from being so dry, and my hair….well, it didn’t quite know what to do.

The temperature was always so hot that the mere thought of blow drying my hair made me sweat – for reals! So, instead I decided to adopt air drying my hair. It’s supposed to be good for it, after all.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Over the past two years I’ve noticed a massive change in the composition of my hair. It’s thinner, scragglier and definitely not healthier looking, which didn’t make sense since air drying was supposed to be so good for it.

Turns out, air drying all the time has some seriously negative side affects those hippy dippy, go green, full of BS bloggers never mentioned. Air drying can actually destroy your hair far more than blow drying.

How? Let’s dive in and bust some myths y’all!

Myth: Blow Drying Your Hair Damages It

To be clear, blow drying your hair every single day on the hottest heat setting can and will damage your hair,  however, there are smart blow drying techniques.

The best possible way to blow dry your hair is to first let your hair dry on it’s own until it’s about 70% dry. Then you can grab your fave hair dryer, set it to cool (seriously – don’t even think about using a hot setting!) and start drying your hair by moving the dryer constantly. Also, keep the hair dryer about 6 inches from your hair. Obviously you aren’t going to measure this out, but eyeball the distance and do your best.

By keeping your hair dryer at the right distance and set to a cooler temperature you will notice far less damage than if you chose to air dry all the way.

Myth: Air Drying Your Hair is the Best Way to Dry Your Hair

It’s pretty clear from busting the myth above that blow drying is actually beneficial, but what’st he deal with air drying?

Well, here’s the long story short – when your hair gets wet it swells The longer it remains wet, the longer the swelling continues. So for example, if you have a thick mane of hair and it takes about 2 hours to air dry, your hair is now swelling for nearly 2 hours.

This swelling puts pressure on the protein that keeps your hair intact, thus leads to more damage.


After only a week of standing in front of my air conditioner so I could blow dry my hair without sweating profusely, I am happy to announce I can already see a difference in my hair. I know it’s going to take time for it to fully recoup, but I’m happy to put in the work.

So tell me, do you live and die by the hair dryer or have you been sucked into the lie that is air drying too? Share your hair care secrets in the comment section below.

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