Best Teeth Whitening Products In 2012

Best Teeth Whitening ProductsEvery guy and gal has that one flaw which they would love to improve. For some it might be dry skin. For others it might be something as basic as wanting whiter teeth.

Well peep’s, we’re going to be talking about some of the different at home teeth whitening treatments and offer our opinion on what we feel are the products that have the greatest impact on the color of your teeth.

It’s our aim to to give you guys the know-how on choosing a brand that is right for you. All you have to do is check out our list of the best teeth whitening products or you can click on the options we have laid out for you below.

So what are you waiting for? Get to clicking!

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  1. Why AREN’T My Teeth White?
  2. How Most Teeth Whitening Products Work
  3. Things You Should Look For In An Effective Treatment
  4. Most Popular Teeth Whitening Products Compared
  5. Final Word PLUS The Product We Most Recommend

Why AREN’T My Teeth White??

Alright, let’s find out why your teeth might not be as white as they should.

We wish this was the case, but there is no one reason as to why your teeth get stained in the first place, instead there are a number of factors that could be in play here, including:

  • Why Are My Teeth YellowUnhealthy teeth
  • Smoking
  • Coffee stains
  • Age
  • Genetics

The anatomy of our teeth is quite interesting. On the outside you have what’s called enamel, which is basically the hardest part of our teeth designed to protect the inner softer part called the dentin.

What’s interesting is that often the enamel is translucent(meaning it’s see through), taking it’s color directly from the softer tissue found Beneath. Often the reason why teeth tend to show a yellow tinge isn’t due to the stains appearing on the outer enamel, but instead do to an unhealthy inner layer or the dentin.

In order for the inner section of your teeth to appear yellow, usually some form of bad bacteria(or plaque) has made its way through the harder enamel on the outside. This can also lead to other more serious issues like cavities.

Therefore there are basically only two ways that teeth can lose their white color:

  1. Bacteria is able to penetrate the enamel and enter the inner layer(most common cause).
  2. The enamel is stained in some form of another.

Now that we know why our teeth turn yellow, we can figure out ways of reversing the problem and getting that healthy white color back.

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Here’s How Most Teeth Whitening Products Work

Have you ever used a bleach style teeth whitener and gotten minimal results? You might have seen your teeth go a couple of shades lighter, but no real major difference. This is because with the majority of people the problem isn’t that their enamel is stained, but instead the inner layer is unhealthy and therefore showing a different color from its usual healthy white.

How Most Teeth Whiteners WorkThe overwhelming majority of teeth whiteners only ever bleach the enamel and not the dentin further in. In saying that however, there are some that have the ability to penetrate deeper into your teeth and whiten the yellow problem area.

Professional laser whitening treatment works so well because it actually removes the outer layer of enamel allowing immediate access to the yellow dentin area for bleaching agents to take effect.

What most people need to know is that by bleaching your dentin, you’re not actually dealing with the problem at hand which is in fact the bacteria present in your mouth.

Bleach style whiteners are great because they work fast, however a new approach is starting to gain popularity and that is to deal with the bad bacteria that is constantly trying to enter into the inner layers of your teeth.

These products work by supplying good bacteria(one that doesn’t cause any problems) to your teeth and gums which essentially take up “real estate”, preventing the bad bacteria from setting up shop and thereby causing problems.

It’s a really great idea and something and we’re seriously starting to recommend products EvoraPlus over traditional bleachers.

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Things You Should Look For In An Effective Treatment

Okay girls to make sure you stay away from the scammy products that do absolutely nothing, we’ve laid out things that you should look for in a product that will and will not work:

Effective Teeth Whitening TreatmentHere’s what it SHOULD do:

  • Make your teeth at least 5 shades whiter(more the better).
  • Be relatively easy to use.
  • Work within the space of 2-3 days.
  • Show long term results.

And here’s what a product SHOULD NOT do:

  • Show little to no effect on teeth coloration.
  • Cause gum pain.
  • Show only short term results.
  • Cost too much!
With all this in mind, it was easy for us to come up with a list of products which we felt were worth mentioning either because of their popularity or because of their ability to actually work!!

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All The Best Teeth Whitening Products Compared Side By Side

Firstly, here’s how we based our decisions:

Whitening Ability: Overall ability of the product to whiten your teeth(more stars means whiter teeth).
Long Term Benefits: The products ability to offer long term sustainably whiter teeth.
Side Effects: Are there any side effects associated with the treatment?(More stars = less side effects)
Price Factor: Whether the product is worth the price you have to pay.
Overall Score: Percentage value out of 100

Rank Image Product Whitening Ability Long Term Benefits Side Effects Price Factor Overall Score Learn More
1 Evora Plus
2 Crest 3D White Pro
3 Spray White 90
4 Alta White
5 Idol White

Our Final Note PLUS The Product We Recommend

Evora Plus ProbioticWhen it comes to getting that healthy looking set of white teeth, there’s no substitute for a product that offers long term benefits like Evora Plus. Although traditional bleachers have come a long way and so has the price come down, if you do want to go with a short term product, there’s no point in paying too much as they all really do the same thing.

Unless you’re willing to spend a gagillion dollars on laser whitening, there’s no way you’re going to find a product that completely whitens your teeth overnight.

We’re going to keep an eye out for other probiotics being released in the future, but right now Evora Plus is the only recognisable one at this stage.

Application twice a day morning and night is recommended for the first week for maximum results.

What’s Next?

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