Best Sunless Tanning Products In 2012

Best sunless tanning productsGirls as far as we’re concerned Summer means one thing…getting your tan on! If you’re like us, then getting too much sun usually means problems galore with our skin. So with that said, finding a product to get you that nice glowing look is more important then ever.

We thought it would be best to give you girls our opinion when it came to deciding what the best sunless tanning products are in 2012, plus give you the know-how on what to look for in a product that works and works well.

So what are you waiting for? Get to clicking!

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  3. Best Sunless Tanning Products In 2012
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Here’s How Most Sunless Tanning Products Work

When it comes to tanning at home, there are basically two ways of getting it done.

They are:

  1. Tanning lotions and sprays
  2. Airbrush tanning kits

Most girls go for the cheaper option which are the lotions and sprays you can buy in most pharmacies and many of them do offer some great results. However in saying that, there is literally no way any lotion can compare to getting a proper airbrush style, professional-looking tan.

Here are the main reasons why using an airbrush is way better:

  1. It lasts for longer(lotions last for 2-3 days, airbrush last for 2 weeks)
  2. You get a more even-looking tan(airbrushes give you a way more even tan compared to the streaky nature of lotions)
  3. More of a natural look(lotions essentially dye your skin giving it more of an “orangey” color, whereas airbrushes naturally change its pigmentation in the same way the sun gives you a tan)

Before and after a spray tan

With that said, the majority of airbrushes available for purchase are mostly professional grade and they cost a lot of money not just to buy the brush, but also for the refills as well.

Most of us can’t afford to spend $200 to $500 on an tanning product and therefore apart from this one cheaper at home airbrush solution, the next best thing are lotions.

But how do you know what to look for in a product that kicks butt over all the rest?

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What makes for a great tanning productThings You Should Look For In An Effective Product

Ladies, finding the perfect product can be a little tough, especially when you consider we all want a different tone of skin. In saying that however, there are things we can look for to find a product that beats all the rest.

Here’s what a great at home tanning product should do:

  • Last for at least 3 days.
  • Give you an even looking tone all over.
  • Be easy to apply.

And here’s what an at home tanning product should NOT do:

  • Irritate your skin!
  • Show uneven streaks after application.
  • Cost too much!!!

With those points as our guidelines, we were easily able to come up with a list of the best and worst at home sunless tanning products for 2012.

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All The Best Sunless Tanning Products Compared Side By Side

Firstly, here’s how we based our decisions:

Overall Look: How even toned it leaves your skin after applying.
How Long It Lasts: How long the product stays on your skin before having to be reapplied.
Side Effects: Any irritation or other skin issues after use?(More stars = less side effects)
Price Factor: Whether the product is worth the price you have to pay!
Overall Score: Percentage value out of 100

Rank Image Product Overall Look How Long It Lasts Side Effects Price Factor Overall Score Learn More
1 Luminess Tan
2 Fake Bake Flawless
3 Banana Boat Summer Color
4 Body Drench Quick Tan
5 Idol Tan

Our Final Note PLUS The Product We Most Recommend

Luminess Tan ReviewWe really mean it when we say there is no way you can compare a lotion tan to the results you get from using an airbrush. Luminess Tan although not as amazing as professional spray tanning is by far the best “do it yourself” option available to you girls and we REALLY mean that.

The price isn’t over the top either at $120(one professional spray tan session can cost up to $80) and you just need to pay for the refills when you run out, which should take a while as one application lasts for about 2 weeks.

We don’t like to talk any product up, but in the case of sunless tanning products, there really is nothing available that can compare to Luminess Tan right now, but we’ll let you know when we find one!

What’s Next?

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