The Best Fake Tanner for Vegans

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The Best Fake Tanner for Vegans

How do you know if a vegan, a crossfitter or a lawyer walk into a bar? They tell you about it – ha ha!

Ok, kind of lame, but I feel like I can get away with it because at one point I was vegan (lasted 2 whole months!), studied at law school (halfway to being a lawyer) and I am currently an avid crossfitter (is the WOD up?). 

While I know that vegans, crossfitters and the like get a bad rap for spouting their preferences, that’s not what today’s post is about. Actually, it is simply a coincidence that this bad ass recipe also happens to be vegan. Whether your veg or not, this DIY is bound to be one of the best fake tanner recipes you’ve tried yet.

So let’s dive into it shall we?

Vegan Friendly DIY Fake Tanner Recipe

To make this super simple fake tanner, you are going to need the following ingredients:

  • 1 large, clean spray bottle
  • 1/4 cup sweet almond oil for skin
  • 2.5 cups of cooled, leftover coffee
  • 2 cups of water

Ready for the hard part?

Mix all the ingredients together in your spray bottle, secure and shake. Voila – that’s it…you can all go home now.

Justtttt kidddding!!!

While making this fake tanner is supremely easy, there are a few tricks for applying it so you get a nice, streak free tan. First you’re going to want to start by applying it directly after a shower. Do not apply any other body lotion before, just directly apply your bronzing spray.

Using clean hands, rub the spray into your skin using circular motions that overlap areas  you have already rubbed down. You want to make sure you cover all surface areas to avoid looking splotchy.

The first thing you’ll notice about this spray is how smooth it makes your skin feel. Almond oil is a great natural moisturizer and devoid of any harmful chemicals like parabens. Along with the coffee, it helps gently tint your skin for a natural looking glow – not some Cheetos-coloured disaster of a fake tan like the ones you see on bikini models.

Just in case there is any confusion, though this recipe is for the best fake tanner ever, it does not mean that you can use it as a supplement for tanning outside or indoor tanning booths. Should you choose to ignore this warning I can practically guarentee some form of sun damage will occur to your skin, making you look aged and worn like a leather saddle that has been worn far too hard, too many times. Quite the visual, right?!

Save yourself the sunburn and future skin damage and cover up with an SPF before heading into the sun.

Now tell me; do you use a fake tanner? If so, share your favourite brand or recipe in the comment section below.

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