5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Mineral Makeup

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5 Amazing Skin Benefits of Mineral Makeup

*Guest Post by Sarah*

Mineral makeup is one of the latest trends in the makeup industry. Everyone is jumping for it, eager for the natural-sounding version of the makeup that they’ve worn every day.

The benefits of mineral makeup are extensive, making it well worth the investment to find a new favourite brand.

Here are just 5 of our favourite benefits of mineral makeup:

1 – Doesn’t Support Bacterial Growth

The inorganic materials used to make mineral blusher and mineral primer don’t support the growth of bacteria, so you’ll find that your skin experiences fewer breakouts.

Makeup is traditionally very oily, and skin that is already prone to breakouts will experience even more, especially if it’s not washed off properly at the end of the day.

With mineral makeup, however, breakouts can be camouflaged until they have time to heal, giving the wearer the chance to let her skin really shine.

2 – Naturally Fragrant-Free

Mineral makeup is naturally fragrance-free, contains fewer chemicals, and doesn’t contain preservatives. That means that mineral makeup is a more natural makeup choice that is less likely to irritate the skin.

Many women find that they experience redness or itching as a result of regular makeup blushers or foundations, but with mineral makeup, that’s less of a problem.

While allergic reactions are still possible, typically, the reactions are to the fragrances and dyes in traditional makeup, making mineral makeup a more allergy-friendly choice.

3 – Let’s Your Skin Breathe

Mineral makeup lets your skin breathe. When you’re experiencing redness, irritation, or blemishes, your skin needs to be able to breathe in order to heal that damage. With mineral makeup, the damage heals faster while you’re still able to wear your makeup in order to cover it up.

4 – Offers Great Coverage

Mineral makeup creates more thorough coverage while still allowing for a natural look. In fact, mineral makeup can often be layered to create the exact effect you want while still providing smooth, natural-looking skin. Many users find that mineral makeup is easier to use to get exactly the effect they’re looking for.

5 – Reduces Appearance of Aging

Mineral makeup reduces the appearance of aging when used correctly. Traditional makeup, especially foundation, tends to sink into the fine cracks and crevices of the skin over the course of the day, enhancing the appearance of those lines. Mineral makeup, on the other hand, creates a more diffused approach and appearance, adding the illusion of youth and resiliency to your skin.

The truly important thing about mineral makeup isn’t what it’s in it. It’s what isn’t! Traditional makeup is filled with chemicals, preservatives, and artificial scents, all of which can cause negative reactions, clog up your pores, and leave your skin unable to breathe properly.

When you use mineral makeup, you’re not only providing your skin with minerals that will make it look and feel better than ever. You’re also preventing it from being exposed to those irritating compounds.

Many people find that when they use mineral makeup, their skin looks better than ever–with or without their makeup on.

So tell me – do you swear by the magic of mineral makeup? If so, what’s your favourite brand? Share in the comment section below.

About the Author: Sarah is a writer at Tuya Mineral Cosmetics Australia and is currently learning about many kinds of makeup products, using the internet. Aside from working at Tuya Cosmetics, she likes to use social media, and read travel books.


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