The Boobie Benefits of Going Braless

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The boobie benefits of going braless

I hate bras.

Let me rephrase that; I loathe them.

While I can’t deny that they give my itty bitties a much needed boost of cleavage, the wires and straps are suffocating. After a long hard day (or even after a relatively relaxing one!) the first thing I do is remove the bra.

For years people have been going bananas over brassieres and claiming that without them, our tatas would droop to the floor and we’d be sexy no more.

Turns out these folks were wrong!

Les Études des Boobs

The Local – a French news source written in English – released an article the other day on the findings of a study that took place over the course of 15 years.

The study was performed at the University of Besançon, France which happens to be right near my grade eleven high school. Neat!

Moving along…

This study charted the effects of bras vs. no bras for hundreds of women between the ages 18-35 years. Measurements of the breast were taken and changes were documented.

It was found that the nipples of those not wearing bras were on average, lifted 7mm closer to the shoulder than their bra-bearing counterparts. Interesting!

Now that my bra-less antics have been validated, I should probably  mention that the results from this study would not be reflected if for example, a 45 year old mother stopped wearing her bra.

Since the damage has already been done, the benefits of going braless won’t have any positive effects on these womens breasts, however my awesome DIY’s will!

Faith for the Fallen 

If you don’t fit within the bracket of this study, don’t lose faith. There are several at home remedies you can add to your daily routine to boost the appearance of yours breasts.

There are boobie boosting beverages you can drink, natural breast enhancing foods you can eat  and simple breast enhancement exercises you can do from the comfort of yor own home!

The best part about these home remedies is that many of them include the same grocery list of herbs and ingredients.

While you are waiting for your edible alternatives to work and your exercises to pay off, there are a few other quick fixes. Your choice in clothing and accessories can actually affect how perky or droopy your boobs look.

To see exactly what I mean, check out my post on how to make your boobs look bigger! It’s packed full of tips that will help to enhance your rack without having to spend a dime.

By simply making different choices, all that hard work gravity has played in dragging you down will be reversed.

If you want one simple instruction manual for naturally enhancing your breasts then you should check out my kindle guide – Busted.

It is full of tips, tricks, real information and of course, diy’s to give you firmer, perkier and even larger breasts!

If however, you want bigger boobs and you want them now then check out my Naturaful review. I tested out this natural breast enlargement cream over 8 weeks and shot a little video with V on my results.

So don’t be disappointed ladies if these benefits of going braless don’t apply to you. We can all enjoy bigger, perkier boobs (in or out of a bra) for years to come! Now that is a great way to end the week, wouldn’t you say?

But before you go tearing off your bra, tell me in the comment section: do you believe in the benefits of going braless? Are you like me and hate the restrictive feeling of bras, or would you rather stick with what you know and continue to wear one? Share your thoughts below and let’s a sistah know!

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  • I hate bras too. I wish we could live in a society where going braless was okay. It just feels so trapping and restrictive – boobs look nice in bras but that’s about it. I’ve never been comfortable wearing them and when I can, I don’t bother wearing a bra.

  • I often go without mine. I suppose it bothers some people, but to hell with them! It is WAY comfier :)

  • I, too, loathe bras.

    I used to wear a bra all the time, all day (even when sitting at home alone) … I simply never considered NOT wearing one.

    Then came the day I was running late to a college class … and in my rush I neglected to put on a bra. It took 15-20 minutes of sitting through lecture to realize I was missing it (thanks to some guys who couldn’t stop staring at my chest!). It was embarrassing, but liberating. There was no itch (which always came with bra-wearing), no adjusting of straps, no shifting the bra when it decides to go crooked. It felt wonderful.

    From that day on, I made it a habit to forgo the bra. Every day, every hour (for the last 6 months), I am bra-less–and I have never felt so good … and believe it or not, I swear my breasts have become perkier. It’s like the surrounding muscles have adjusted for the lack of support and are now doing some work at keeping them up despite gravity pulling them down.

    I still have bras, but they’re collecting dust in a box in the back of my closet. I’m thinking of destroying them magnificently in a bonfire when I reach my 1st year anniversary without them. :)

  • You go girl!!!! That’s awesome :)

  • Lovely article. I would love to go free on a daily basis for health issues, and I have no problem at home, but I feel really exposed/obnoxiously obvious in public. Do you have any suggestions as how to slowly work my way out of that awkwardness?


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