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My top 5 beauty bloggers this week

With this new change in season, it’s time to crack open the windows, pull your  hair back and do a little Spring cleaning. This includes sprucing up your skin care and beauty routine.

This week’s goodies include some great tips from even cooler beauty bloggers on how to prep for the warmer weather, take care of your fave products and some trippy trends!

1. Popsugar Beauty: Spring-Clean: How to Maintain Your Brushes, Combs, Tweezers, and More.

There are some items you use regularly that just make sense to clean, like your makeup brushes. I have an irrational fear of contracting eye infections from unclean brushes so this is something I do religiously. Shampoo my hair brush? Definitely never crossed my mind!

Ever had a pair of tweezers that lost their grip and you had to go out and buy new ones? There’s a handy home remedy for that too!

A definite must-read article!

2. Renee Rouleau: Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30

Warmer temperatures are bound to make an appearance sooner or later so it’s time to start thinking about protecting your skin.

First and foremost I should remind you that wearing a daily moisturizer with SPF is advised. Though there are several brands out there, I have never found one that offers anti-aging properties on top of a high SPF.

Since I’m milky milky white, I plan on giving this moisturizer a try. How about you?

3. The Beauty Prospector: Smooth Moves: Dry Skin Solutions From the Pros

I’m no newbie to taking care of my skin but even I don’t know everything.

Did you know that something as simple as placing your laptop on your legs can cause irritation? I didn’t and even after reading that I am continuing to type this out…what’s wrong with me?

Take the Beauty Prospectors advice and check out all their other skin savvy tips on avoiding dry skin.

4. Beauty News NYC: Mane Attraction

Things are getting a lot brighter around here and I don’t mean the sunshine. I mean people’s choice in hair color has taken on a few shades of the rainbow that are traditionally left untouched.

I’m more conventional so I’ll like stick with my dark locks, but for those of you who feel like getting a little rock’n’roll on their locks, be sure to read on. You’ll learn all about the latest spring hair trends and products to make them happen

5. All Things Beautiful: Paperself Lashes

Fake lashes are beyond fun. They’re great for creating drama, taking your sexy eye makeup to a whole new level or accessorizing next years Halloween party. Whatever the reason, you MUST check these ones out.

These paperself lashes are wicked fun and inspired!

That’s about as much fun as I can pack into one post for now, but I’m always looking for more inspiration so please if you have stumbled onto any awesome beauty bloggers or unique posts this week, leave the link in the comment section below!

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