Banana Boat Summer Color Review: Great Reviews, But Are There Any Blemishes?

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Banana Boat Summer ColorEven though we’re almost half way through Summer officially as far as the calendar year goes, unofficially we all have reason to believe this one’s going to last for a lot longer then usual. With that said, us girls gotsta keep on replenishing our supplies self sunless tanners and today we’re gonna chat about one of the more popular mainstream brands and their number one seller – Banana Boat Summer Color.

We’re going to break down the pro’s and con’s of this tanner to hopefully give you gals the easiest possible decision to make if you are thinking about trying some.

Here’s our official Banana Boat Summer Color review!

Breaking It Down!

Summer Color is Banana Boat’s most popular range of tanners. They have two different colors to choose from, Light Medium and Deep Dark. The first is for all skin types and the second is for those peop’s looking to really get their tan on!

But seriously how dark is it really?

Compared to most sunless tanners, surprisingly Summer Color Deep Dark does offer some serious color. The Light-Medium even offers a darkish tone that we weren’t expecting.

Dark and light to medium Summer Color

Summer Color isn’t as dark as Fake Bake Flawless, but for a mainstream brand like BB, it certainly does a good enough job for the majority of us.

Although they do mention the fact that this tanner is quick drying, we couldn’t find any information to suggest whether it’s just as good at doing this an any other brand.

The likelihood is, it takes just a long for Summer Color to dry as it would for any other sunless tanning lotion.

This is the perfect time now to move onto the pro’s and con’s of this tanner.

Why It’s HOT!

There’s a couple of reasons why Summer Color is so popular right now. The first is that it’s completely oil free so you ain’t gonna glisten if that’s what you’re worried about.

Being oil free usually reduces the chances of running and as a result stops streaks from occurring, which is great because streaks really do suck!

The other main benefit of this tanner as opposed to most others, is that it won’t dry out your skin. Irritation can be a problem for some lotions, but Banana Boat Summer Color doesn’t fit into that category, mainly due to the fact they’ve enriched it with moisturizing agents like aloe vera and Vitamin E.

Even though there’s a lot to like about BB’s most popular tanner, it still has it’s fair share of problems.

Why It’s NOT!

In the end this lotion is just that…a lotion and we don’t care what anyone says, you CANNOT say that this is the most effective form of sunless tanning available to woman.

Although there are some great things that set’s Summer Color aside from many other lotions available, it’s still only going to last no more then 48 hours and if you don’t watch yourself, it’s going to run because that’s just what lotions do!

You won’t see results like you would if you got yourself a spray tan or used a professional grade airbrush system and for anyone who begs to differ, we seriously want to see some proof! 😉

Beauty Score Bitches!

Alright, alright, what we have here is a tanning lotion that offers some of the very best results…as far as lotions are concerned that is. It’s not the best lotion in our opinion, but so far a lot of people are giving it positive reviews over at Amazon, therefore it must being doing something right.

Banana Boat Summer Color is currently sitting in 3rd place on our list of sunless tanners.

Overall Score: 82%

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