Anal Bleaching;The Buttend of Beauty

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Anal BleachingAlright ladies, I’m diving into a bit of strange topic today. Some might even find it ass-tounding.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of skin lightening before, but what about anal bleaching?

Oh yea, we’re going there. And there really is no lady-like way for me to say all of this, so I’m just going to get straight to the point.

If you ever saw the film Bridesmaids then you’ve likely heard of anal bleaching. After all, bride Lillian and prissy Helen had it done. What you probably don’t know is much about what it actually entails.

What Is Anal Bleaching?

This ain’t rocket science. Anal bleaching is exactly what you think it is; the bleaching of your anus. Done solely for cosmetic purposes, there is no actual health benefit to painting your back door white.

I would assume that the pressure to maintain a pre-pubescent hairless body (thanks Brazilian waxes) has induced this desire to bleach ones bum…ummm…hole.

Now that literally everything is visible to the naked, scrutinizing eye, it only seems logical that we’d want our skin shades to match too.

Thankfully there are a bunch of products that can help you achieve this lightened look, if that’s what you’re going for. The product we beauties like best is Intilight.

Not only is it the safest one we found, but according to the official website, Intilight will give you noticeable results in as little as 3 weeks.

But I have to be honest, I’m a little curious as to where this trend even came from…

Who’s to Blame?

I know it’s not nice to play the blame game, but someone ought to take responsibility for this outrageous trend.

The basic origin of anal bleaching started with porn stars. After one particularly revealing waxing session, one porn star couldn’t help but notice that her nether regions were a darker shade. With a desire to lighten it, so began butt bleaching.

Of course, this cosmetic procedure was practiced solely by porn stars for a while, then it went mainstream after the popularity of Brazilian waxes blew up.

Far From Risk-Free

So often we blindly assume that when we get a treatment at a spa, it is safe for us. This is not the case for anal bleaching.  Both your gyno and dermatologist will tell you this.

Common side effects include burning, irritation or even scarring, depending on the treatment.

That’s not all though. Some treatments can cause strictures.

Never heard of that? Me neither so I googled it. Strictures cause make your anal opening smaller, which means bowel movements become more difficult and may even lead to tearing of the anal canal. Ouch!

What’s worse, this bleaching treatment doesn’t necessary get you your desired results. In some cases, bleaching can cause your region to become even darker.

If it does actually work, you may be  interested to know that the results are not permanent. Like blonde roots always show themselves, so will your dark behind.

A Safer At-Home Remedy

If I haven’t put the fear of God in you yet, you can take a deep breathe and relax. I have only good news and safer alternatives for you. Rather than racking up a large spa bill with continuous bleaching appointments, try doing it at home.

To bleach your bum from home all you need is one ingredient; a lemon.

Simply cut your lemon in sections and soak a cotton ball with its freshly squeezed juice. Apply this lemon juice to your darker regions and let the natural bleaching agents in lemon work their magic.

Though lemons are naturally acidic, they should not cause the same amount of irritation as bleaching creams or other spa treatments.

If you have more sensitive skin, mix half a freshly squeezed lemon with a few teaspoons of coconut oil and then apply to your anus et voila!

The bottom line – hehe – is if you truly must bleach your  booty, do it with a safe and tested product, or natural ingredients.

Are you looking to spot lighten your derriere? If so, check out Intilight or grab a lemon and get to juicing!

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  • Ughh lol get to juicing. buttyjuice lmbo great tip tho wonder if it burns.

  • I would assume there is some sort of tingly/burning sensation…This is one DIY I’m not too keen to try out myself. Any takers?! lol!


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