Alli Weight Loss Aid Review: What Do We Think Of Over The Counter Orlistat?

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Alli Weight Loss AidGirls we’re on a tear this week looking at some of the greatest easy ways of losing those extra pounds and today we’ll be reviewing one of the most well known weight loss brands EVERRRR!

Okay a little over-the-top.

What’s the brand and product we’re talking about?

Alli Weight Loss Aid, which if you didn’t know already is the only over-the-counter product that uses orlistat as it’s primary ingredient.

So we guess what we’re really going to be taking a look at are the pro’s and con’s of orlistat to help you gals make up your mind as to whether or not it’s the right choice for you, or if going with a natural diet pill might be better.

Beauty Breakdown!

Once again just to confirm Alli’s Weight Loss Aid uses orlistat as it’s primary ingredient so the real question is…

What is orlistat?

It was designed as an anti-obesity drug and was originally marketed under the prescription brand Xenical. It works by preventing the absorption of fats when consumed by the person using this drug.

How does orlistat workSo basically it’s a way of preventing certain fatty calories from being absorbed and used by the body, either for energy purposes or what every girl despises, to be stored as fat.

So far the results are kinda modest. A study was conducted to determine the effects of using orlistat in combination with a diet and exercise change and the average participant lost 2-3 kgs(about 6lbs) over the course of a year.

Another year-long-study which showed better results, indicated that between 35%-55% of subjects lost 5% of their total body weight and 16%-25% lost up to 10% of overall body weight.

Sounds nice right? Here’s where it get’s interesting..

After the participants stopped taking orlistat, a significant number of them put up to 35% of the weight they had lost right back on. In our opinion, this kinda shows it’s not the best long term approach to losing weight as the last thing you want, is to become dependent on a drug to keep the pounds off.

Why It’s HOT!

The one thing we can say about the Alli Weight Loss Aid is that it will work on most people. Statistics show that the average person using this product reduces the amount of fat being absorbed by around 25%.

The other impressive thing about it is that it seems to work fairly rapidly for most people, especially those who have a high body mass index(BMI)

We don’t want to get your hopes up too much though, as it does have its fair share or problems.

Why It’s NOT!

We touched on this before but one of main problems with using a diet pill like this, is that your body eventually becomes dependent on it to lose weight. As soon as you stop taking it, there’s a high chance of seeing the weight go back on and really fast as well.

Essentially the Alli Weight Loss Aid, just masks the underlying problem which is that you’re consuming too many calories.

The other more serious problem is that you’re dealing with a drug that does have one really well known, problematic side effect and that is a gastro-intestinal issue called steatorrhea, which occurs when excess fat is present in your bowels. We won’t go into detail because you can read more about here if you want, but trust us it’s really gross!

Finally it’s actually kinda expensive, with the cheapest price we found being sold at Amazon for $56 and considering that once you start, stopping might result in a sudden increase in body fat. It’s certainly not the cheapest way of keeping off the pounds.

Beauty Score Bitches!

This diet pill is certainly very controversial as it has been seriously proven to work, but as far as potential side effects go, we really can’t recommend it over natural diet products like certain colon cleanses or raspberry ketones, one of the latest trends in weight loss.

Another thing, given the fact that once you stop using orlistat, there’s a really high chance you’ll put the weight back on, which goes against our policy of long term sustainable weight loss.

Right now, the Alli Weight Loss Aid is our current #3 pick on our weight loss supplement leaderboard.

Overall Score: 89%

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