A Few of My Beauty Blogging Favourites

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A list of my favourite beauty bloggers

Part of my beauty blogging duties involves me reading a lot of content. And I mean A LOT of content! Luckily, it’s something I enjoy so it doesn’t really feel like work.

All that time I spend researching, perusing and procrastinating gives me the opportunity to see some really amazing posts and articles. Since these awesome tidbits don’t always pertain to my task at hand, I find that they get passed over when they should really be shared.

Like that last bit of vegan lemon cheesecake *drool*, these amazing articles shouldn’t go to waste.

So, starting today I shall be spreading the love and passing a few of my faves along to you beauties. From the crazy and zany, the A-ha! moments and No Ways! to the THIS IS FAB; I’ll be sharing it all.

To kick this off, let’s talk Tips – as in the Top 5 Skincare Tips for this Week.

1. TheBeautyBrains: Are UltraSonic Facials Any Good?

Raise your hand if you’ve never heard of UltraSonic facials before *hand up* Me neither. TheBeautyBrains broke down all the essentials for me and introduced me to this technique.

UltraSonic facials use sonophoresis (transmission of sound waves at different frequencies) to stimulate your skin. Basically, this process is meant to help your skin absorb products, such as anti-aging serums or collagen stimulants.

Turns out, this technique isn’t compatible with all products so if you do go for regular ultrasonic facials, be sure to find out if the product they use is actually going to benefit you, or if you’re being duped.

Read their more in depth report on UltraSonic Facials or ask them yourselves by following them on Twitter!

2. FutureDerm: What Will Silver in Your Skin Care Do?

Miss Natalie Bell digs deep into the growing number of cosmetic and skincare products that are making silver a part of their ingredient list.

It doesn’t seem like there’s much evidence to support that it’s helpful for healing wounds and it’s certainly not safe to ingest orally, so why would we put it in our skin care products?

Get educated on this fad element and make an informed decision next time you see it on your ingredients list by catching the rest of the article on FutureDerm.com.

3. VivaWoman: 5 Gentler Ways to Exfoliate Your Skin

I know how important exfoliating is and so does the VivaWoman founder Sesame. Trouble is, many of us suffer from sensitive skin and some methods are too abrasive.

This article shows you how to use gentler alternatives like yogurt or water-based scrubs, a soft washcloth or sponge and cotton pads.

My favourite tip was the konjac sponge, which is all natural and eco-friendly. It’s gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and not only does it slough away those nasty dead skin cells, but it can also help lighten any marks you may have from scarring or sun damage.

Find out what the other 4 gentler ways to exfoliate your skin are!

4. FifteenMinuteBeautyFanatic: At Home Spa Pampering

Spa-loving ladies listen up because Christine wrote this one for you!

We are busy, busy women, but we deserve a little downtime too. If you only have 90 minutes to make the most of this “down time” then you have to check out her multi-tasking tips on treating your hair, face and body.

Best time saving tip? Get your microdermabrasion on while your hair mask sets! Isn’t it great benefitting from other at home spa pampering tricks?!

5. MakeHerUp: Vampire Facelift Questions Answered

Vampire Facelift, WHAT?

First of all, I was shocked to see the picture of what appeared to be blood on Kim K’s face. Seeing it again in Erin’s post was just as shocking.

Secondly, turns out this so-called “vampire facelift” is actually blood! Gnarly. Turns out using your own blood can actually be effective in treating dark eye circles.

Read the rest of Vampire Facelift Questions Answered to find out how exactly this works!

And there you have it, ladies. my Top 5 Skincare Tips for this week! I’ll be sure to share more amazing finds very soon!

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