30 Second Smile: How A Toilet Incident Led To Me Trying This Brush

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30 Second SmileWell it finally happened, I dropped my toothbrush into the toilet. :-(

I was so mad at myself when it happened. I reached up to grab my brush and my elbow bumped my $100 electric toothbrush smack bang into the middle of my toilet!


Now I’m a little crazy and I can not stand the idea of putting something into my mouth that once bathed in disgusting toilet water. So instantly I was on the hunt for a new toothbrush and I already had one in mind, the 30 Second Smile.

A friend had recently bought it and she said it was the bomb so that definitely had me intrigued.

Here’s what makes this electric brush different.

How Does The 30 Second Smile Work?

This is probably the strangest looking toothbrush you will ever see. It kinda reminds me how a car wash works, only for your teeth. It works by completely rapping your entire teeth and gums with 6 microbrush heads, something which I have never seen before.

I’m actually amazed that none of the major brands thought of this first. I assume they will start to mimic the technology eventually because the clean it offers is second to none.

There are other copycats of the 30 Second Smile. One known as the Hydrabrush, which gives almost exactly the same clean but you don’t get any of the bonuses.

After trying it out, you might start to understand my analogy of a car wash for your teeth, because it literally gets EVERYWHERE.

Apart from the fact there are 6 of them, the microbrush heads are fairly standard and slightly softer then most. This is because using a harder bristle may make it too difficult for the brush to completely rap over your teeth and reach your gums.

It also comes with the following:

  • Rechargeable stand
  • Two different speed options
  • Two sets of brush heads(ultra soft and standard)
  • 3 year warranty
  • A tongue scraper

Along with all of that, the best thing you get with the 30 Second Smile are the two free brush heads you get every 4 months. That’s what I liked the most about their offer because I was sick and tired of having to pay $30 for Oral-B heads every 3 months.

Such a pain in the butt!

Why It’s HOT!

This in my opinion is the future of home teeth cleaning products. The level of clean you get from this brush is so far ahead of anything I have ever come across in my 31 years.

It’s also extremely fast. There’s the reason why they call it the 30 second smile because it literally does just take 30 seconds to clean you teeth with this brush.

Another thing I really liked about buying this brush is that they send you out new heads for free every 4 months. I’ve never seen that before and I have a feeling it’s how all the major brands make most of their money.

Sending them for free is certainly something that sets it aside from other electric brushes.

Why It’s NOT!

One of the issues I did find with using the 30 Second Smile at first, was that it did slightly irritate my gums and made them bleed a little at first.

I think that was because I’m not a frequent flosser and I may have had some gingivitis. The good news is it didn’t take too long to go away, just a couple of days.

That was the only problem I had with this brush, but apart from that I wouldn’t go with anything else ever again.

Beauty Score!

If you aren’t happy with the clean your current toothbrush offers, you may want to give this product a try. I made the switch my accident and normally I would have been really angry for something I paid good money for, but in this case I’m glad it happened!

The price is affordable as far as an electric brush goes and the savings you get from not having to pay for replacement heads, makes this much cheaper then the models developed my the major brands like Oral B.

In fact the only thing that is going to stop me from using the 30 second smile, is if I happen to drop it into my toilet again!

Overall Score: 95%

What’s Next? Visit The Official 30 Second Smile Site For More Info

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