3 Best Body Scrub Recipes for Soft, Sexy Skin

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My skin can be very temperamental. The change of seasons, temperature drops and heat waves can all affect it. With all these elemental changes its no wonder I need to give it a little TLC every now and again.

To rejuvenate my skin, I like to get my DIY on and make a nice full body scrub.

Depending on the skin situation; itchy, dehydrated, tired or even cellulite-ridden, I have a body scrub to tackle each issue.

One of the reasons I love creating my own body scrubs is I can control the ingredients and I save a bundle.

Since sharing is caring, here are my top 3 best body scrub recipes.

A Hydrating Scrub

When my skin gets tired and dehydrated I like to give it a little pick-me-up with this simple scrub.

You will need:

– 1 1/2 cups of Sugar
– 1/2 cup Almond Oil
– 2 Tea Bags
– Zest of 1 Lemon
– 3-5 drops of a Citrus-scented Essential Oil

This scrub is easy to make. The first step is to steep your tea bags in your almond oil for approximately 1 hour. When the hour has passed, remove the teabags and add in your sugar, lemon zest and essential oil. Give your scrub a good stir to blend everything together.

You can use this scrub right away or package it in a tight mason jar and give it as a gift. Either way you’ll love how soft and smooth your skin feels after use!

Don’t forget to slather on some creamy moisturizer after this too for an extra hit of hydration. Try this DIY cream. Fun fact: It’s perfect for erasing wrinkles and turning making you look younger too!

A Rejuvenating Scrub

To slough away dead skin cells that may be making your skin look dull, try this next scrub.

All you need is:

– 1/2 cup Dead Sea Salt
– 1/2 cup Sugar
– 1/2 cup Raw Honey

Simply blend together all three ingredients until they form a nice gooey paste. Like my hydrating scrub, this can be store in a cute mason jar or in tupperware and used right away.

Whenever your skin gets dull and worn, give yourself a full body rub down. The salt and sugar will help exfoliate away dead skin and the honey will lock in moisture. You’re skin will feel fresh and radiant after each use.

A Cellulite-Fighting Scrub

I’m no stranger to cellulite and I’m sure you aren’t either. To help tackle your dimpled derriere, try this anti-cellulite scrub.

Gather together:

– 1/2 cup Ground Coffee
– 1 tablespoon Sugar
– 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
– 2 teaspoons Vitamin E Oil

Mix all your ingredients together in a bowl then hop in the shower and scrub your trouble zones in a circular motion. The antioxidants and caffeine in coffee help flush out the toxins that lead to cellulite build up, while the sugar exfoliates and the oils moisturize your skin. Used regularly this DIY scrub will even out your skin tone in no time at all.

Looking to super charge your fight against cellulite? Try Finulite.

Finulite is a 2 step anti cellulite cream that works to promote healthier, stronger skin, while reducing the appearance of those nasty dimples. Check out our review here.

Whether you’re looking to liven up your skin, nourish it back to health or ditch the dimples, you are going to love these scrubs. They smell great, store easily and cost peanuts so they make great homemade gifts as well.

Scrub a dub dub y’all!

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