The Best 2-in-1 Beauty Products

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The best 2-in-1 beauty productsI like to think of myself as a fabulous multi-tasker. I can talk on the phone, listen to music, type on my lappy and remain fully engaged. Yes, I know; it’s incredible. I can also chew gum and walk, something men don’t seem to be able to do.

What I love about multi-tasking is I get to complete 2 tasks at once. Can’t get more efficient than that! If I enjoy this so much, it stands to reason that a 2 in 1 beauty product would be right up my alley.

There’s something about a 2-in-1 product that makes me feel like I’m saving so much of my precious time. Moisturizer with SPF? Bam! BB Cream? Like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. And if I feel so passionately about this random topic, I assume other beauties love to save a few minutes here and there.

So with that being said, here are a few of my favourite 2-in-1 beauty products.

Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

How handy is it having two of your favourite products on one stick? A double ended eyeliner and eyeshadow makes sense for a night on the town. I always want to touch up my makeup, but I would have to cart a huge purse, rather than my cute clutch if that were the case.

Luckily, I’m not the only one who enjoys this convenience and a lot of your favourite makeup brands have come out with multiple shades. I love this one and the best part is, it’s only 3 freakin’ dollars on Amazon!

Under Eye and Highlighter

Dark under eye circles aren’t exactly sexy. When you’re on the go, you can’t exactly DIY your way to brighter under eyes, so a combination under eye and highlighter is the perfect tool.

This duo helps fight wrinkles, moisturizes, lightens and brightens and can fit in your teeny tiny purse. Try this one, it’s another $3 wonder!

Lip Gloss and Color

I love a good glossy lip, but sometimes I also want a color. Not just any color, but a long lasting glossy color that doesn’t disappear right after you apply it.

Glossy lip stains have been popular for sometime now, but if you haven’t added one to your plethora of can’t-live-withouts, you must. I find that giving your lips a quick dash of color and shine can take a dull looking face and give it a little life.

Hiding behind sunglasses all day? Throw on this lip combo and look extra sassy.

Looking for a good DIY version? Try our Kool-Aid Lip Gloss. A punch of color with a lot of gloss!

Concealer and Blemish Control

Oh yes, the ever faithful BB creams. Why it took us so long to come up with this invention is beyond me.

Concealer and blemish control duos are great for combatting future acne and concealing current breakouts. They also nourish your skin and give you a flawless complexion. You can buy it or make your own. In fact, we’ve got a great BB cream recipe for you, right here.

Save yourself some time and combine your favourite things. Like pumpkin pie and whip cream, a sexy man and no shirt, movie popcorn and my mouth (sorry, had to throw that one in there!), some things are better off paired together!

Mmm….now I want pie! Or a sexy man with no shirt on. Or movie popcorn. Damnit, Sabrina!

What are your favourite combination 2-in-1 beauty products? Dish it in the comment section below!

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