10 Home Spa Hacks for the Holidays

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A Note from the Editor:

The holidays are a great time for unwinding and treating yourself to a little TLC. When we were approached by Sarah with this infographic we knew we HAD to share it in time for the holiday break. 

Enjoy and take care of yourself this Christmas season!


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According the American Psychological Association, the election and political issues have only increased stress for many individuals in the U.S. From the state of the stress, we all need a spa day! Even if a day at a spa isn’t in the budget, you can take the stress relief into your own hands. Hold a DIY spa day at home to unwind and melt away the stress and nerves.

You don’t have to be a professional masseuse or aesthetician for a spa day to be a relaxing retreat. You just need a few little extras and a bit of creativity! Ready for a day of pampering? Here are a few ways to unwind in the comfort of home…spa style!

Mani & Pedi

A good manicure is priceless. Your nails look like little masterpieces…and the splash of colour just creates instant happiness. Doing a mani/pedi at home is easy. You’ll just need fingernail clippers, a base coat, a top coat and your favourite colour polish. You also should have some coconut oil on hand to help moisturize those cuticles. Make sure hands are clean and be sure to use a good moisturizer. One piece of advice: trim all nails to the same length. Otherwise, your nails may look a bit funky.

Soak Out the Stress

A warm bath is a stress reliever. Have you ever tried bath bombs? These creative bath products offer unique scents and features. Some explode with colour. Others feature surprise glitter shows. And some bombs are made with creamy oils to moisturize skin.

Find your favourite bomb, plop it in the bathtub under warm water and let the magic happen! For soothing ambience, use candlelight instead of harsh overhead lighting.

You also can add relaxing scents to the bathroom with fresh-cut flowers; go to your local florist and find your favourite blooms. Lavender helps relax the body, while the scent of roses might add romance. And fresh flowers don’t have to be a splurge; even some discount stores offer inexpensive bouquets.

Knead out the Kinks

Don’t have the budget for a 30-minute massage? No problem. Ask a partner to give you a back rub or you can even use a few tennis balls to knead out those tight spots in your back or neck. Just place the balls under the tough spot and roll them around.

It’s easy, and, yes, it works.

There are many more ways to indulge in spa treatments at home. For more DIY spa tips, check out the infographic below:


About the Author: Sarah Smith is a journalist and a freelance writer. She completed her Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University. She’s a Yoga instructor and mother of two beautiful kids. Sara loves writing about the benefits of being a parent, enjoying the great outdoors and finding balance amidst the chaos of daily life.

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