10 Tips for Terrific Tresses

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10 Hair HacksMy hair is quite possibly my favourite accessory.

Scratch that.

It is absolutely my favourite.

I’ve never been one to wear statement jewelry or bold clothes. I tend to wear the same three colors a lot – black, white and blue – and the same ring and diamond stud earrings.

That being said, I”m a freak when it comes to my hair. I really dig styling it, trying new fun ‘do’s, and playing hair stylist to my friends.

If you have a flare for hair then you will love these helpful hair tips.

Helpful Hair Tips

From time saving tips to styling tricks, these 10 tidbits of wisdom will really come in handy.

1. Spray Your Bobby Pins

Bobby pins seem like such simple hair care tools to use, but many people struggle with them. To maximize the strength of these little guys, give your pins a little spritz with dry shampoo or hairspray before use.

This will give them a little extra grip and come in super hand for all my fellow fine hair ladies.

2. Reduce Bed Head with Silk

So this tip may sound a little “fancy pants” for your liking, but swapping out your regular cotton pillow cover for a silk or satin one can seriously reduce your bed head.

Cotton pillow cases are not only bad for your skin, but they rob your hair of its moisture. This can lead to dry hair and split ends.

3. Massage Your Scalp Regularly

I’ve got fine hair, and as many of you know, a somewhat short hair cut thanks to the influence of red wine and some over zealous hair cutting.

To strengthen my roots and help stimulate hair growth I give my scalp a hearty massage every day. You can do this in the shower or with dry hair. It will increase blood flow to your scalp which will also help reduce stress and put you in a fabulous mood.

4. Get Down with Wide-Tooth Combs

Have you ever used a hair brush to untangle your post-shower wet hair? Well, stop!

I’ll admit, even I have committed this sin. Swapping out your brush for a wide tooth comb will prevent your hair from tugging and ripping and will easily get rid of those knots.

5. Brush Your Hair Before Washing

Want to further prevent damaging your hair after a shower? Of course you do!

Do so by giving your dry hair a run through with a regular brush. This gives your strands a jump start on being tangle-free and reduces the amount of stray hairs clogging up your shower drain.

6. Tame Stray Aways

There are days I just couldn’t be bothered to shampoo and style my hair. These days consist of bobble buns and comfy pants. Even with my fave pair of joggers on, I like to avoid stray fly away hairs.

Rather than spraying your head with hairspray and stiffening your entire ‘do, spritz some hairspray on a tooth brush and run it over your fly aways. Simple!

7. Let Your Products Absorb

Did you know that ladies spend an average of $300 per year on hair styling products? Here’s the sad truth though; we rarely benefit from them.

All those nourishing mists and thermal protective sprays are wasted on us because the majority of us don’t give them enough time to absorb into our hair.

Allow your damp hair at least 10 minutes to soak in all your products goodness before hair drying or styling.

8. Don’t Style Wet Hair

Yes, we’re all in a rush these days, but no we should not be trying to flat iron our semi-damp hair.

I know you are committing this hair’trocity so quit it! Capiche?

9. Fix Split Ends

Split ends ain’t sexy. The best way to get rid of them is to snip them off, but many of us loathe the idea of losing a few inches off our mane.

Before split ends get the best of you, try using weekly hair masks to nourish your ends back to health. A quick DIY hair mask recipe may be all you need to avoid losing all your locks.

10. Another Pin Trick

There’s one  more bobby pin trick you’ll want to add to your arsenal. Whenever you place a bobby pin in your hair, pin it with the bumpy side against your scalp.

More often than not we do it the other way around, but it’s the waves that help hold your hair in place.

What are some of your hair tips, tricks or words of advice? Be sure to share in the comment section below.

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