12 Tricks to Use Your Makeup Brush Effectively


12 Tricks to Use Your Makeup Brush Effectively*Guest Post by Owen*

Applying makeup is a skill very few people are able to master.

Since less is more when it comes to makeup, knowing how to use a light hand can make all the difference to your face.

Begin by studying the structure of your face and your features, and learn how to highlight your good features and conceal your not-so-flattering ones. Makeup application should begin with the face because a smooth and even face requires less eye makeup and lip color.

We usually apply concealer, foundation, and eye shadow using our fingers or sponges. However, using makeup brushes gives us more control over how color is deposited and gives that perfect airbrushed look. The tiny applicators that come pre-packaged with face powders and blushes are good for a quick touch up, but if you want to look like a million dollars, makeup brushes are the best bet.

It can be daunting to go shopping for a makeup brush, especially if you are a beginner. There are plenty of choices to pick from and you can feel quite lost if you do not have the right information.

Brushes are made of synthetic fibers as well as natural hair sourced from horses, goats, sables, or even squirrels! Be careful if you are allergic to animal hair; choose only synthetic brushes.

Outlined below are 12 tricks to help you use your makeup brush effectively every time:

1. Foundation brush

Foundation brushes are usually flat and are made of synthetic fibers. They help line the creases on your skin, cover enlarged pores, and give an even complexion. They eliminate streaks and help blend different products together on skin. They are shaped like a small spatula and have a small, round head.

2. Concealer brush

A concealer brush looks like a smaller version of a foundation brush. They are used to cover fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, blemishes, freckles, and pigmentation marks. They are particularly suited for applying liquid concealer in areas that are difficult to reach with other types of brushes like the corners of the eyes.

3. Powder brush

A powder brush, is well, used to apply face powder! It also helps distribute the powder evenly on your skin for a smoother finish.

4. Angled brush

The angled brush is used to apply powder on the face. It is great for creating contours without disturbing the underlying layer of foundation or causing skin irritation. You can create an appearance of high cheekbones using this brush.

5. Blush brush

This is a fluffy, small, round or sloped brush used to apply bronzers, blushes, and highlighters. You can apply blush on the apples of your cheeks using this brush for a healthy glow.

6. Eyebrow brush

The eye brow brush has an angled head and is used to apply powders, creams, or waxes to keep the eyebrows in place.
Some eye brow brushes have a comb on one side and a brush on the other. The comb is used to remove clumps from the brows.

7. Eye shadow brush

Eye shadow brushes are small, stiff, tapered, and of medium size. Used to swipe the eye lid with color, they are used to apply the main color of the eye shadow. They can be used to apply both powder as well as cream eye shadows.

8. Blending brush

The name of this brush is self-explanatory. It is used to blend different colors and soften harsh lines. A blending brush looks like a pony tail and works like a windshield wiper.

This brush can also be used to powder the T-zone instead of using a powder brush to help highlight cheeks. It can also be used to prolong the staying power of lipsticks by brushing powder on the lips in between coats of product.

9. Crease brush

A crease brush is perfect when you want it to fit into the crease of your eye to create a smokey look. It has a small, round and tapered head and is usually made of natural bristles. It is used to add depth to the outer corner of the eye.
You should press into the crease of your eye and swipe the brush firmly along the lash line to create an illusion of depth.

10. Lip brush

Lip brushes are flat-tipped and have stiff bristles. They can be used to line the lips and fill in color. They ensure even application of pigment and prevent bleeding of color.

Start by lining the lips and then work your way from the center of the lips to the edges. Finish by blending the edge of the color with the lip line using the blunt end of the brush.

11. Fan brush

The fan brush is a multi-tasker of sorts: it is usually used to set face powder into a “weightless” finish but it can also be used for various other purposes. You can use it to wipe off excess eye shadow or you can use it to create a softer look using a blusher or a bronzer. The flat end of the fan brush can be used to contour your face.

You can blend colors and layers more effectively using a fan brush. If you wish to create new shades by blending existing ones, a fan brush is what you’re looking for. Setting powder foundation for a soft focus is easy as pie when you have a fan brush in hand.

Finally, a mask is easier to apply using a fan brush because you get more coverage using less of the product.

12. Smudge brush

A smudge brush is especially used to create a smokey-eyed look. It has a tapered end that makes it easy to apply eye makeup and smudge and blend it in for a perfect smokey look. Ideally, it should have a flat head and short, dense, natural bristles. It can make the line on the lower eye lid look less of a line and more of a soft definition. It is much more effective than smudging with your fingertips.

About the Author:

Owen Dore is a blogger for Molegone.net. She loves to blog on skin care, beauty and health related topics. She likes on research on various natural methods to solve skin ailments.

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